19 July 2011


Wilson, my first baby, you are...









...and so much more. You forever changed Mommy & Daddy the day you entered this world. You consistently challenge us to be more.

We often say you are an "old soul." And while we joke that its because you act like an old man sometimes, the truth is your little eight-year-old heart is sensitive beyond your years. You seem to know when there is a need, and you do your best to help. You are visibly bothered when you aren't able to help. I pray that your heart stays sensitive to the needs around you, even though it might be hard to carry that sensitivity sometimes. God will bless you for it, I know it.

Daddy and I could have never imagined the joy you would bring into our lives. And we would have never believed that at age 8 you would be in the middle of a fundraising goal to help people you might never meet. Its thrilling to see your relationship with God grow, and a blessing to be able to see Him challenge you through this. We love you.


  1. Gave me chills to read! Oh, what a wonderful blessing! Happy birthday, Wil! Love, the Polliards

  2. He has and will continue to be a blessing to his yaya and papau. We are so happy to know his kind heart and sweet, loving soul. His Dad and Mom are doing a great job with their gift!