20 July 2011

NC trip

Well, with Brad's block-leave window being in May we haven't been able to plan a big summer trip. He decided to put in for a four-day-pass the only available weekend in July, which was the 15-18th. We originally thought about going to Panama City Beach, but then realized it might be the only time - for quite some time - for Brad to get to go meet his nephew. When Brad first called Dave about the idea, I think we all thought Breeze would be a week or so old by the time we got there... Turns out God had different plans.

We made reservations at this little cabin at Fort Bragg so we could be "out of the way" and also make a little family vacation out of the trip... turns out the Little Cabin is most desirable from this angle. A cute-picture-perfect-cabin. Not so perfect for actually sleeping. We only stayed one night and then stayed at a hotel closer to the hospital and David & Casey's house... turns out the "little family vacation" part of the trip was when we were actually with family ;)

So as we were driving to NC on Friday we were getting updates via text: water broke; checked in at hospital; dilated to 5; .... and then "pray now". That'll make your heart race! Turns out baby's heart was slowing down, dangerously so... the docs did an emergency c-section and Breeze was born healthy and strong at 1:57 (?). Thankfully, Mom and Dad were at the hospital with David & Casey during this time. We got to meet him Saturday morning (although this picture is from Sunday morning). Is he a little doll or what?

And here is the sweet momma at home with her baby. She hated to be in the hospital while we were all in town, but what are you gonna do after having a major surgery? Thankfully she got to come home Sunday afternoon. Casey was doing so very well in her new role as momma! She and David make a great team and it was so fun to get to see them jump in to their parenting roles. And seriously, isn't he the sweetest?

Wilson got his 'love tank' filled while playing a round of Monopoly Deal with Uncle Colson and Aunt Jacq. The kids also swam a ton at David & Casey's neighbor's house... they were very hospitable folks, and they promised to take care of Dave, Casey & Baby after we all left! So sweet!

Grandma & Grandpa surprised Wilson with a birthday cake! Its funny, because he had mentioned the day before "that it would be fun to have my birthday here!" He loved it! I think you can tell by this picture... These two are such good buddies!

Brennan and Brad... love this picture.

I would LOVE to know what Walker is telling Grandpa in this picture. It seems like it was rather interesting...

Wilson wasn't too thrilled about holding Baby Breeze... until Sunday evening, he finally wanted to give it a try. Once he did, he was hooked. It was so sweet to watch him! If Breeze fussed a little he'd lean in and whisper something sweet to him... (his eyes are bloodshot from the chlorine). So adorable...
It was so wonderful to get to be with family, even for a short trip. It was a sweet blessing, and I'm thankful God guided the plans - I'm pretty sure if we had known all the details going in, we may have tried to re-work our plans somehow, but the way God planned it for us was way better than we would've figured out. I was so worried about being in the way or creating too much chaos, but God knew where we should all be and when. He is faithful always. We are praising Him for a healthy baby, healthy momma, and happy family. We'll continue to pray for Casey's speedy & thorough healing.


  1. What a great get away! The cabin looked (ahem) sweet?!? ;-)

    Good to see YOUR sweet face on the other side of the camera!

  2. Looks like it was a great time with family! The "littlest Lutz" is a doll! Glad the boys had a chance to hang with the "A's and U's". It's good to bask in the love of God's families.