02 July 2011

summer reading program...

Wilson has been devouring books. I mean, this kid can R-E-A-D! Wow. So I decided to take him to the library two weeks ago while Walker was at MMO. But the library by church was "closed for renovation." Bummer. We decided we'd go to the main library after we picked Walker up on the way home...

We were so glad that we had to go to the main library! They have a huge children's room and there is no shhhhushing necessary. Awesome! Here's Wilson, in the Hardy Boy's section...And Walker with his bag full - Barbie made these bags for the boys and I just added the little pocket on front for their library cards this week. (Walker wanted to get his own library card on his birthday! And, forgetter-mom did not want to have to keep track of 3 library cards!)
Yesterday, we had some family errands to run... Brad dropped the boys and I off at the library while he went to the bank and post office. I was at a loss for where to find a good list of decent, age-appropriate books... then I remembered the homeschool curriculum that was used when I was in Africa... Sonlight! I found their book lists and uploaded the pdf to my phone so Wilson will always have some suggested reading - for when he finishes all the Hardy Boys' books!

Wilson checked out his first Encyclopedia Brown book yesterday. Brad had recommended it a few weeks ago, when we saw it last week at the library Wilson wasn't too sure about it. Well, he changed his mind by this week so he got it. He started reading when we got in the car. To finish off the errand running we had two more stops to make: first, Wal-mart -where we all went in; and second, Big Dog Running - where the boys and I waited in the car while Daddy went in to get a belt for his race (more on that later). Of course, we had to stop at Sonic because it was Happy Hour...

And when we got home Wilson says, "I finished the Encyclopedia Brown book already."


Good thing I let him pick out 4 books this time.

Oh, and shortly thereafter Walker told me that he had finished ALL of his books. Little cutie ;)


  1. I love to read and I think it is awesome that Wil is loving reading too.
    Tell Wil that I will donate $0.50 to Got Goat for every book he reads this summer. He can even go back and count the ones that he has already read since the last day of school.
    Happy summer reading!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. We LOVE the main library! The ladies there are really helpful and knowledgable, too.

  3. You know how much I love to read....there is always something more to learn! Glad you are using the library and glad both boys have their own cards! Responsiblity is also an important lesson! Glad you help them out by adding their card pockets GREAT idea! Miss Barbie's idea is terrific, I'm in for the challenge too, keep up the reading Wil!
    Love to all,

  4. We need to get Jack signed -up ...Gsheesh the summer is going fast.