16 August 2011

a few pics...

here are a couple more Spooner pics... Walker was dancing down the side of the hill as Wilson slid...oh, and even Daddy tried a little Spooner action... I sorta wish I had the video on for it...that's all I'll say about that... ;)
Walker's first day on the bus was everything he dreamed it would be... which was a relief for us, because we've had some rough bus days around here...
oh, and did I mention that Walker has been letting me rock him to sleep at night? I pretty much love it. yes, its a crappy-phone-pic, but you get the idea, right?


  1. Ooooh a good bus day...I love those! Hope he continues to love it at least until he's 17....maybe not! I do remember some pretty fun times on the bus though! We really had some good friends that rode with us.
    Is the "spooner" a good workout? Could you use it by tying a rope on Missy and having her give you a pull, like we used to do with the boogie boards?

  2. I forgot to tell you, that Walker misses his mom, and that time before he falls asleep holdin on to mom really feels good!

  3. So, so sweet. Glad he's letting you snuggle a bit longer.

  4. so cute those boys! nothing better than snuggles with your boys! enjoy each and every one, all too soon their big and gone! miss you guys!!