06 August 2011


so, you can't start school without some goodies for the teachers, right?
Here's what the boys gave their teachers yesterday...
  • the white frames were 99 cents at Ikea. They are two-sided, so you can see both frames in the pic. One side has scrapbook paper with the teacher's initial and the other side has a print of Phil. 4:8. {You can find the free printable here, it was on this blog originally. I just resized it to 4x6 before printing} I included a note stating that I really liked that verse but if they wanted to change it out with something that worked better for them that was totally fine. I just really couldn't give them an empty frame! :)
  • The stack of monster cookies included the note "because teachers cannot live on apples alone."
  • The post-it note holder was an idea Barbie shared with me... and she gave me the 4x6 acrylic frames so the only thing I had to pay for was the target-brand post-it notes $1.97 for four. I used a cute scrapbook paper and printed, "make today awesome" in-between the little birdies.
  • And finally a two-pack of sharpies... because a teacher can never have too many sharpies! I price-matched those at the PX when they were on sale somewhere for 25 cents a pack.
  • Rene donated the gift bags when she sent the boys' birthday presents (Thanks, sis!)
So, I think I spent a total of $1.75 each on these gifts... plus the cost of the ingredients in the cookies, but that recipe makes 72 and I only gave away 12... so that couldn't have been too much. Mrs. Z told Wilson that "the sharpies are a perfect gift for me!" and Mrs. G sent a note home saying that she "loves homemade cookies!"

We also got a REALLY great gift yesterday! Both boys had SUPER first days of school, and neither of them was crabby - which was sort of a surprise ;) Walker spent most of his day learning about the procedures in his classroom. One thing he learned is called the "silent cheer" to celebrate good things. I kept asking him to do it repeatedly, because it was so dang cute. I finally videotaped it... and thought y'all might get a kick out of it too!


  1. OK , now that is too funny! Love Meme

  2. That silent cheer is Hilarious! what a great idea! Your such a creative mom! those two teachers are in for a great year, thats for sure!