28 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! {a few days late}

We kicked off our Thanksgiving week with a walk through the lights at Callaway Gardens. Once a year they allow pedestrians to walk the 6.2 miles through the lights and the proceeds from ticket sales go to the March of Dimes.
We traveled this year for Thanksgiving.  Which is a first for us since moving from MI.  We went up to visit Bryan & Emily and David, Casey & Breeze.  We had the added bonus of seeing Ben too, because he rode down with Casey's dad for the weekend! I seriously only took my camera out one time while we were with them...  I got a picture of Wilson with Breeze.  He had been wanting to hold Breeze all day and finally the time was right.  He LOVED it so much.  How adorable is Breeze?  Emily did take some AWESOME family pictures.  You can click here to see them.  (I'll probably post some here eventually, but it might be awhile!)
I also got a chance to go visit our friend, Kelley and their little guy John Buckley. It was awesome to get to see him... and I actually got to hold him too. It was amazing to hold that itty-bitty miracle in my arms. If you think of it, please keep him in your prayers. Specifically pray that he would outgrow his apnea problems.

And here's my sweet friend, Kelley taking his temperature. Please keep praying for her too; for strength for each day, and rest each night.

And, you know a Thanksgiving post would not be complete without our Turkey! Thank you for sending your feathers back! The boys LOVE this tradition so very much!
We have so very much to be thankful for!  We are blessed with immeasurably more than we could ever need.


  1. Nice pictures. I see you received our leaves in time, your Dad was a little concerned you may not have gotten them before Thanksgiving. I will keep Baby John and his family in my prayers. Sandy

  2. I meant feathers, not leaves.

  3. Umm was Wil really tired in the first picture? Looks like you guys had fun!

  4. I really like the turkey idea. Might have to borrow it.

    Please tell Kelly that she is continuing to be in my prayers. I think of her often.