05 January 2012

2011 highlight reel

Oh my. This year has been full of blessings!  The one thing I miss about NOT sending out a Christmas card is that I don't do the mental-year-in-review if I don't have to write that letter.  You miss a lot if you don't look back.  So I'm trying to start out 2012 with an intentional look back at all the good things we encountered this past year.  And also a bit of quiet time to look ahead at what God has planned.  As I looked back this morning, I realized that I became horrible at taking pictures after Brad got me the iPhone... or at least horrible about updating this blog with pictures since then.  Most of these will be familiar to you...

What a thrill the Got Goat? campaign was!  We're so honored to have been able to do this as a family... prayerfully considering what might be next!
A getaway for the two of us!  It was wonderful; I hope its something we can do again - SOON!

Great grandparents visited!  Loved it!  We got to see them again in September at Uncle Steve's... which helped a little since we missed them while we were in MI this year.

Family bonding around the new dining chairs, with Yaya's help.  Fun memories!

The beach!  Loved our Spring Break getaway!

Linds and Ari came for a quick trip!  Don't forget - Spring Break is coming up... book your reservations soon ;)

The boys at Rangers in Action this summer.... if you don't make Spring Break reservations, but you want to visit, try and time it with a Rangers in Action Demonstration - so awesome!

The Peachtree 10K.  What a fun weekend with an awesome family!

Back to school time!  Momma was tearful at this point, remember?  Walker's first day!

Cub scouts!  Being an assistant den leader this year has been lots of fun... looks like it, right?

This is one of my favorite pictures that Emily took in November.  Captures the moment so perfectly!

Wilson and Breeze at Thanksgiving.  It was such fun!

Marathon Man.  Still brimming with pride over this milestone!

Walker loves some of the features on my iPhone; he's especially fond of self-portraits with rainbow options. 
All for now.  Hope you liked the look back as much as I did ;)


  1. A great year-in-review! 2011 was a great year and I just know 2012 will be even better!!!

  2. I think 2012 needs more trips from yaya and Paupau!