27 February 2012

going batty

Wilson had a special cub scout event yesterday. It was at Oxbow Meadows; we've been through there many times on the River Trail, but hadn't ever gone inside. Anyway, his den leader had arranged for the boys to build bat boxes.  I think Home Depot donated the materials so each scout could build a bat box... of course, it was a Daddy-work-day, so I had to assist with the build.  Well, some other dads came and helped too...

He looks like a pro with the caulk gun, huh?
He had to "rough up" the inside of the bat box some, so the bats could use their little claws to climb around. I am pretty sure Walker is barking some orders to Wilson in this picture...
We didn't bring Daddy's drill so there was a fair amount of elbow grease involved, especially with the short-handled-screwdriver Wilson chose. Thankfully, someone pre-drilled the holes for us...
and here he is with his finished bat box. it was too big of a bother to actually look at the camera... ;)
and the whole cute den. love that they pose with the caulk guns like they are weapons. 

It was a lovely day. The boys and I spent some time looking around the center after the build. We found one aquarium FULL of tiny turtles. Then we stayed and watched the turtles at the outside water feature for awhile too. I think Wilson counted 17 turtles. It was peaceful and slow-paced and exactly what we needed yesterday. It was a bummer Daddy had to work.

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