05 March 2012


much better week.

as I type, two babies are napping - in their room - at the same time.  and I think its been an hour or so!  progress!

so I am trying to be super duper quiet and also be nearby the door in case one baby wakes.  what else can I do but fiddle around online?  right?

On one of our first daytime visits at our house.  Baby T fell asleep in his pack-n-play and Baby M had NOTHING to do with napping.  I brought him downstairs and he stumbled around a bit.  He asked for 'Ma" and I knew he didn't mean me.  He was so tired.  And I was so clueless as to how to help him or comfort him.

Eventually he did fall asleep.  It wasn't a hallmark movie by any stretch of the imagination.  It was awkward and clumsy, but in the end sleep came.

As I held his sleeping body he would periodically take those long, deep, shuttering breaths - the kind that come after hard-crying.  My mind pondered this process.  What his little brain must be thinking of this new house and this new lady- with some nasally-northern-accent.  God met me in a time of prayer, and I had peace.  But my mind continued to wander around a bit; thinking of the enormous process ahead of us.

And because our God is good, and faithful, and knows my heart so intimately; He brought a song to mind.  Not one that wraps deeply around your soul so much, but one that totally encouraged my heart in a more humorous way.

Technically, its a love song... about the "friend" that you really wish was "more than a friend." Yet somehow, in His infinite wisdom, and creative loving way; God reminded me of this sweet song. As I held that sleeping baby, these lyrics brought a smile to my face and deep, knowing peace to my heart...

Our love is slow and easy, 
But you don't even know it, 
Well I've got nothing but time, 
For you to recognize it. 

Someday, I will hold you as my own. 
Someday, you will know that I am the only one for you. 

That's right baby, our love is slow and easy - and you don't even know it yet. But I know it. And God knows it. And you will know it sooner or later, sweetie pie. You will know it too - someday.


  1. Amanda loved this post...and I'll bet those babies will know how much love this new family has to share in a very SHORT time!...love you

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