22 April 2012

family outing

We managed to head out to the River Trail this weekend.  Wilson told me a few weeks ago that all he wanted for his birthday was to go on a bike ride with Brad (although he said Daddy when he told me that, of course).  So Brad and Wilson loaded their bikes into the Aztec. We loaded the dog, the jogging stroller, a scooter, some snacks into the van.  We might need a bike rack some day so we only have to take one vehicle ;)  Walker scooted for awhile and I jogged s-l-o-w-l-y.  I discovered that if I jog slowly enough I don't have to lock the front wheels and its easier to steer, which eases the burn on my triceps while I run - well, jog.  However if I go too fast or hit a bump the front end vibrates something fierce. 

I snapped the picture of the stroller team at our snack stop - the scooter had already been folded up and put away.  Don't you love his sweaty-helmet-head?  After our break, we walked for awhile then Walker jogged a little with me; then rode on the front, with arms on the babies' trays to hold on.  I jogged really slowly then ;)  The babies love going for walks...especially when there are snacks.  I do periodically have to remind them to keep their hands to themselves ;) 

I snapped the bikers' picture after they passed us on their way back to the vehicles.  I could hear Wilson yelling, "Walker" long before they reached us.  (Walker asked if he could run with them back to the cars, but the answer was no.  He got to ride on the stroller instead.)  Brad and Wilson rode 5 miles, which is pretty impressive considering its Wilson's first ride of the year.  He did say his legs were sore today.  He loved it.  And now we don't have to get him anything for his birthday ;) 

{Oh, and when we got home Brad discovered coolant all over the Aztec's engine.  Awesome!  Well, awesome that we were home when he noticed.  Its going to the shop tomorrow.}


  1. Walkers little sweaty helmet head was the fist thing I noticed....love that! those little boys....oh I could just snuggle them up! Great shot of Brad and Wilson! I remember the days when Brad asked his dad to take him on a bike ride.....oh seems like yesterday! aren't river trails just the BEST? better yet spending time with family is the BEST!

  2. I just want to squeeze those cheeks! We miss the River Trail! Enjoy GA in the Spring!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family outing!!!