10 April 2012

things to remember...

{This time is going so fast and my free moments are few... thought I should take a minute to write down some of the highlights that I'll want to remember...}

  • For Spring Break, I asked the big boys what "one thing" they wanted to do during the week.  Wilson said, "have cinnamon rolls for breakfast."  Walker said, "go see the Muppet Movie at church."  I am happy to report that both boys got to check their "one thing" off the list!  Thankful that God has blessed us with such amazing boys that are easily thrilled with simple pleasures. {There were also LOTS of video games during spring break.}
  • Wils was reading The Diary of Anne Frank this week.  It's been years since I've read it and I couldn't remember if it would be heavy so I was asking a lot of questions to check-in with him about it... At one point he said "it's a lot like Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  I couldn't help but laugh, he then clarified that its written like a diary, not that the story line is similar ;)
  • The babies have overcome their fear of walking on concrete and grass.  Unless its hot, then they cry if they are barefoot on the concrete.  The only time they keep their flip-flops on is when the patio is hot!
  • It is astonishing how many people make comments about twins.  I can't help but wonder if I have randomly stopped strangers in the past to ask if their children were twins.  I don't think I have. And when we were at the zoo last week, Brad and I just overheard every other person walking by saying, "awe twins!"  or something like that... nothing negative, well, I guess "double trouble!" could be considered negative, but mostly its just A LOT of comments. A. LOT. (We are tickled by the people that then ask if Wilson and Walker are also twins...???)
  • While out shopping I must always be aware of the babies' little hands, they are quick grabbers.  At the commissary last week, M grabbed a cart handle and dragged it into the owner's gut as we were passing.  I did not notice until impact, and had to apologize for my super strong baby.  He was rather surprised, as was I.  
  • The babies love almost every breakfast food.  And hate a lot of vegetables right now.  Walker likes that they enjoy his favorite breakfast food, oats!
  • I've been making a lot of afternoon smoothies... all four boys love them.  I don't know why but it seems like less effort to make them for four boys than for two.  Was I really that lazy before?  Or is it the bang-for-the-buck factor?  A few minutes of work for 4 healthy snacks?  
  • I have a new appreciation for people that update their facebook status about what they accomplished around the house. I couldn't believe how pleased I was with myself after vacuuming the living room yesterday.  
  • When the babies are talking about Muskoka it sounds an awful lot like "mama".  I'm not a big fan of this... so one night at dinner we all tried to get them to say "Koka" instead of "muh muh."  We kept repeating it and finally they said, "Duh duh."  I was happy with this new sound for her name.  "Dada" on the other hand wasn't impressed.  No worries, they've since regressed back to "muh muh."  
  • Walker loves to read to the babies.  Although he does get a bit frustrated when they try to pry the book from his hands so they can chew on it.
  • And sorry dad, I know you'll hate this part.  But if one of the babies toots in his high chair, the big boys and the babies (and maybe me too and sometimes even Brad) laugh super hard.  And then the tooter often tries to recreate the sound with his mouth.  Or his brother will try.  Or both.
  • The babies still get a bottle each night.  GASP!  A breastfeeding-mama-friend of mine gave me a little pep talk about how she nursed her girls past 12 months and that if its something soothing for the babies I shouldn't feel bad about continuing with the bottle.  So we are.  Its an integral part of their bedtime routine.
and finally... this treasure.  I don't think I could ever forget it, but just in case...

a few weeks ago my friend Jenn posted this song on my FB wall.  I tried to convince Brad that it could be "our song."  [He is always rejecting my love song suggestions though.]  Walker liked it though and I added it to my playlist right away.  This was back when the babies were still going back and forth almost daily, so they heard my playlist in the car every day.  And often during the day at home too.  One day as we were driving I realized they were "mmm"ing along with the song.  We did some dancing at home too.  We've had full-family slow dances to this sweet song.  Wilson even pulls Muskoka into the fun.  Walker jumps on the ottoman to dance with me or Daddy and whichever brother we're holding. The other night, M actually asked for it before bed, pointing at the TV and saying "mmm."  Seriously, when they hear it, they both immediately relax.  They often put their arms up to have us pick them up and dance.  They love it.  We all do.  So, I guess its our family love song.  


  1. Love the song. I may need to adopt it to. Thanks for sharing it!

    What memories you are making!

  2. WOW!!!! Time is passing by... so many things in so little time. I love the family dance!!!! Miss you all!!!!

    Give 'em all hugs from us.