25 April 2012

this, that, and the scabies

Brad downloaded more music for me.  Music Inspired by The Story.  I've been listening to it in the car (at least when I remember to bring my phone with me).  It might be one of the most fun albums I've ever listened to.  Each song is a specific person from the bible telling their story.  I have it set on shuffle, so I try to guess each one.  It just makes my heart giddy.  I guess because their stories are also a part of my story.  And to hear it ln song, oh my.  These stories I have loved for so many years, put to song, wow.  I haven't read The Story yet, but this album is kinda talking me into it.

Oh my.  One of those weeks.  (We'll get to the scabies part next).  Wilson pretended to pick Walker up the other night, Walker jumped into/onto Wilson enthusiastically which made Wilson buckle and fall backwards.  Both boys landed simultaneously with Walker's foot being at the bottom of the pile.

Long story short, we went to the ER. He has a walking boot; will follow-up next week to see if there is sign of a fracture.

I walked him in to school this morning (with the babies in their double stroller, of course, a new one that fits through the door ways at the school and steers without me having to kick the front wheels!)  I talked to the nurse about Walker's foot.  I talked to his teacher about his foot.  An hour later, just after we got home from a quick (!) trip to the commissary, the nurse calls to tell me Walker is vomiting.  Poor baby.  We load up, head to the school, unload the stroller and the babies and head on in to get our guy.  I chat with him a bit on the way home, he was quiet.  At one time I looked in the rearview mirror and he gave me the puffed-out-cheeks, I"m gonna puke look... silly me, I thought he was teasing.  Still chatting when I pull in the garage, I tell Walker he can get out first (instead of waiting in the way-back for me to get the babies out).  He doesn't answer me and isn't moving as I gather my belongings, I say, "Walker what are you doing back there?"  I'll save you the details, you can probably guess...  oh dear.

So I help him into the tub after I get the babies into the living room.  They are screaming, but I remind myself that they are OK.  Walker is burning up.  There is puke in the van.  I still have scabies laundry to do.  There is still melon all over the high chairs from breakfast.  I send Brad a text, he says don't worry about the van.  I am reminded again why I think he is so fantastic.  I smell a stinky diaper.  I take care of it, and at the same time pull Walker's booster seat out of the van and set it in the driveway.  The babies bang on the window letting me know they'd appreciate lunch.  I figure the sun is a disinfectant of sorts.  I go check on Walker.  He is ready to get out of the tub.  I get him some clothes and a blanket and a pillow.  I half-wrap him in a towel and realize that this baby is a giant and is not easily wrapped up anymore.  And he is burning up.  And the babies are screaming.  I help him get dressed and get his splint-walking boot thing back on.  He wants to watch TV, our antenna is not getting PBS today.  I have no clue how to get netflix on the xbox.  I send more texts to Brad.  I get the high chairs wiped off and get the babies settled in for lunch.  A cup of milk satisfies them for the time, while I go back up to give Walker some re-hydration mix from the pantry.  Brad texts me about the TV situation.  Walker gets that figured out.  I come down stairs give the babies some raisins, they are giddy.  I am thankful they are so thrilled by raisins.  I switch out laundry.  Brad says to try some motrin for the burning-up-boy.  I go upstairs, he's chatty, we try motrin.  He grabs the trash can.  You can figure it out.  More texts to Brad.  Back down stairs to cut up some cheese and turkey for the babies.  They are thrilled again... I eat some turkey too.  Back up stairs with Tylenol and a syringe to give 1ml at a time to see if he can keep it down.  Oh and benadryl to help with the nausea.  Back down stairs to refill the high chair trays with cheese and turkey, and a few crackers.  And I think Walker would like some crackers too, so I bring some up to him.  The xbox is frozen, more texts to Brad.  I remember I'm supposed to drop off a snack at PWOC tomorrow.  I realize that will not happen.  I give the babies one more handful of raisins for a healthy dessert.  They clap!  I go back up to give Walker another ml of Tylenol, he got the xBox figured out.  Smarty.  I tell him I am going to get the babies ready for their nap.  I pray that they are ready for their nap.  I pray that Walker won't puke anymore.

My prayers were answered.  Hallelujah.  I snuggle with Walker while the babies are snoozing.

In the midst of all of this, a friend sent me a text to let me know she was thinking of me; that she wished she was closer so she could help out.  Her husband is deployed.  I realize how easy my day is.

If you've talked to me for five minutes about our babies, you've heard something about their skin issues.  They have been puzzling to us from the get go... they have fingernail-size scars all over from scratching so hard.  It just didn't look like eczema.  And there was just nothing online that explained a rash from stress.  We used all the recommended creams, and bath treatments too.  We said, "no scratching,mister!",  "scratching is bad for our skin!",  "we don't scratch ourselves!" more times than I can even make a clever statement about.  We finally felt like we had broken the scratching cycle and could see bumps.  A week or so ago the doctor said, "Hmm, doesn't really look like eczema, looks like bug bites!"  But he left it at that.  I started freaking about bed bugs.  Brad reasoned we'd all have bites.  Oh yeah, he is so logical.  I did check the crib mattress though, you know, just in case.  And then sometime, I started breaking out with a rash.  A very itchy rash, in sensitive areas.  I thought maybe I was crazy.  This week the babies went to the doc with fevers, and a draining ear.  I also talked to this doctor about their skin.  I asked for a derm referral, but she went ahead and looked them over and diagnosed scabies.  She wrote me a script too.  The foster family had also been itchy, so I sent her a text.  She went to the derm the next day and was negative for scabies.  The babies had been treated at that point, so I treated myself too...  and now we wait to see if this works.

Last week maggots, this week scabies...

the good news is: 
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  
Hebrews 13:8


  1. WOW!!! What a day! Lily is my first child that has had to cry while I take care of someone else's needs. It is tough and I've had to tell myself the same thing...she's okay, it won't hurt her to cry a little. You are a strong and brave mama! I hope things settle down soon!!

  2. Wow Amanda! Sending you prayers. That was quite a day! I hope Walker is feeling better. I'm off to go scratch now...