18 July 2012


for real? 

My first born is NINE.  Oh Willy-Bills!  Before you came along I was a teacher.  And now I am a mom.  The way I identify myself totally changed once you came in my world!  Crazy, huh?

You know the day before you were born I was anxious to meet you.  So anxious, in fact, that I brewed up some Raspberry Tea and added a shot of Castor Oil to it.  Supposedly those things can make a momma have a baby faster.  And I don't know if it was my magic mix or if somehow your tiny-self decided it was time; but the next night I held you in my arms.  I know that it was really God's perfect timing.

And, by the way,  I still can't believe that all you have to do is give birth and the hospital people let you bring that baby home with you.

But we did bring you home, didn't we?  And since you are the first born, each year is a new first for us.  Your dad and I have never ever been parents to a nine year old before.  So we'll be learning right along with you... as always.

Wilson, 8 was really a big year for you.  You know that right?  I couldn't get over how well you connected with your classmates this year.  It was so fun to listen in on the conversations in your classroom on the Fridays when I came to help out.  When one of your classmates came to our church and ran over and said, "Hi Wilson's mom!  You know Wilson is like the smartest kid in 3rd grade?"  I will always remember that.  Its something I call 'treasure' and son, you've given me a lot of it.

Speaking of church, the last time I was volunteering I watched you sit and chat with one of the boys sitting in your row.  Just having a full-blown-8-year-old-boy conversation.  I just loved it.  We had pegged you a bit as being "the quiet, shy one."  But this year, you've kinda taught us to be careful about how we peg.  

Now you want to play football!  I am so excited for you to try this out again.  Although, I am not sure that we should count your just-barely-three-year-old football experience as actual football experience.  It was hilarious to watch those videos the other night.  At first I laughed so hard that tears came in my eyes, and then the tears stayed because I am a mom.  And there is such a teeny-tiny-line between laughing tears and sorrow tears.  Because babies grow up.  And fast.

And you hate it a little when I get all teary & mushy.  You've been around for so much of my teary & mushy, and your sensitive heart always tries to encourage or make a joke.  I love that sensitive heart of yours.  God has carefully crafted you in such a way that makes you a fantastic big brother.  Even with the giant changes in our family this year and your big-brother-responsibilities growing in BIG ways, you've managed to do your best.  You've adapted to sharing a room again, and you've found ways to play with Walker more often... even if you would really rather be reading! You make the babies giggle so easily.  I am proud of you.  So proud.

I know NINE is going to be fantastic.  It will probably go too fast.  So let's try our best to really take it one day at a time.  I know God has BIG plans for you this year, I am honored to get to be a part of it all with you!


  1. I know I told you yesterday how we all remember what we were doing on the day you were born, but I didn't tell you about the expectation and excitement there was in your extended family. I think that last week when we were all trying to be patient we were driving your mom and dad crazy with questions. All those people waiting and praying for you months before we met you! Everyday when I wake up in the morning I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have you in my life.....you are loved just because you are YOU! Hope your day was full of fun and joy I know this new year will be full of God's amazing plans for you! Oh, and don't worry about mom and dad....they will be great parents for a NINE year old too....even if they haven't done it before they pray about it daily!

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  3. Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most awesome, coolest nine year old that I know.
    You amaze me each time I see you. I love how you love to read. I love your funny sense of humor. I love that you love to play games with us. I love to hear all of the stories about your school. I love that you love us like family. I love you for who you are and the young man that God is molding you into.
    I am thankful that God brought your family to Oklahoma and into our lives. You have a very special place in my family's heart. We love you!!!!!