11 April 2013

7 :: the possessions chapter

This chapter was a tricky one for me.  So much so, that I felt prompted to make a totally awesome vlog for the book club members.  Or totally dorky, depending on who you ask. ;)

I hit a couple of barriers with wrong-thinking.  I can see now that the wrong-thinking was bleed over from other areas.  As Brad and I keep opening our hearts wider to what God has in store for our family, my brain starts to circle around old, familiar lies - you know the ones that accuse or discredit or stall.  Somehow, I was on a not-quite-good-enough-streak which even carried over to my thoughts about what possessions I could donate.  God carefully helped me identify those lies, but it was slow-going there in the midst of these 12 days. 

I have a lot of stuff to get rid of or pass along.  I came to peace with the conclusion that it won't all be gone at the end of my 12 days (today).  Part of it will be combined with the used clothing from the foster care office for a garage sale in a few weeks.  We'll then use those proceeds to buy more outfits to stock the donation room.  I sent an email to a local organization to see if they could use some crafty-supplies.  I'm also going to see if any of my fabric scraps will be useful for Sole Hope.  I might even host a shoe-cutting party. 

Once God brought me to the other side of the wrong-thinking, He was able to lead me toward the right places.  It is so critical to capture those wrong thoughts.  The verse I am memorizing right now helps:
"We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ," 2 Corinthians 10:5
 I also want to leave you with a quote from 7.  It is really the heart of the possessions chapter and I think regardless of which tax bracket you fall into, these are important things for ALL of us as North American Christians to consider.

We top the global food chain through no fault or credit of our own.  I've asked God a billion times why I have so much while others have so little.  Why do my kids get full bellies?  Why does water flow freely from my faucets?  Why do we get to go to the doctor when we are sick?  There is no easy answer.  The why definitely matters, but so does the what.  What do we do with our riches?  What do we do with our privileges? What should we keep?  What should we share?  I better address this inequality since Jesus clearly identified the poor as His brothers and sisters and my neighbor.  What if we tried together?  What if a bunch of Christians wrote a new story becoming consumers the earth is groaning for?  I suspect we'd find that elusive contentment, storing up treasures like Jesus told us to.  I'm betting our stuff would lose its grip and we'd discover riches contained in a simpler life, a communal responsibility.  Money is the most frequent theme in Scripture; perhaps the secret to happiness is right under our noses.  Maybe we don't recognize satisfaction because it is disguised as radical generosity, a strange misnomer in a consumer culture. (italics are Jen Hatmaker's, the bold is mine).

I am repeatedly blown away by the blessings I am getting from going through this book with the book club {of awesome people}.   The creative ways in which God is driving home the lessons for each lady/family is just beautiful.  I am thankful that we are trying together!

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  1. I love reading your blog. At times, I feel like I am sitting with you in a room, sipping coffee and talking. I went to bed with a heavy heart after reading your blog and woke this morning with the same heart. Maybe it was when I was putting laundry into the washer, or maybe it was when I slipped, my chilly feet, into my slippers, it simply could have been the moment I rolled out of the comfy bed that held me while I slept last night. I am not sure but I have learned to listen when my heart remains heavy.. it's not a me thing.. it's a God thing.
    Thank you for bringing this opportunity to me. I have longed for a place to love on others through my talents. God has been showing me different ways to do just that through others(you being one).
    I can not imagine one person being able to watch these sweet children have jiggers removed from their feet and not want to run and grab a pair of jeans and start cutting away!
    I love you and I love the heart you have for the Lord and serving Him while loving on others.