28 June 2013

in between

Five Minute Friday
So much of life happens in the in-between.  And there is such variety there too.

The vulnerable in-between moments of removing the swim cover and finding "cover" again in the pool.  Just moments, but so bare.

The in-between dragging days of a deployment and a redeployment.  The days that drag by and the guilt that hangs on the days when life really happens well.  The desperate wish to be together again throughout all those long in-between days.

Then there is the summer in-between days.  The best kind of in-between.  No worries, no hurries, just fun-filled days for the kiddos.  They learn to really live in the in-between, don't they.

The in-between jobs.  And in-between pant sizes.  In-between homes, straddling the past and the future in a hotel or someone else's home.


So, wow, that is like the world's fastest five minutes ever.  Its my first time... well, actually I tried it once before but I forgot to turn the volume up on the desktop so I didn't hear the timer go off.  So this is my first real #fiveminutefriday.  Yikes!

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  1. I remember those in between days of depolyments...it is hard. But they pass. Lovely post!

  2. Embrace the in between--that's when God works in us to change us and to get us ready for his purpose. Enjoy your summer! (This was my first time, too).

  3. It's crazy how the in between days can be so hard, or so much fun. Sometimes at the same time! But, I like and agree with what Anita said, "that's when God works in us to change us and to get us ready for his purpose." So true!

    You did a wonderful job on your first post! Mine are super short as well, this was only my second time. :) It amazes me how much some people can type and write in five minutes!