05 July 2013

five minute friday : beautiful

I am taking a little bit of a departure here, I thought I should tell the four of you that read this thing on a regular basis.  I've decided to participate in a writing-prompt-party on Fridays.  It's only five minutes and anyone can join.  I thought it would be a fun way to get some words out there without thinking too terribly much about it.  I'm writing this introduction after I did my "five minutes" and I gotta admit, I am a bit of a sweaty mess after that timer starts - and maybe a teensy bit more so before linking up.  I think its good to stretch a bit though.  Feel free to check out the party here.

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday


I used to think the word beautiful applied to things like sunsets, and rainbows, and super models and artwork.  I thought "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" meant that it was something that changed from person to person.  But I don't think that anymore.  I think the beholder can train her eye to see beauty...  and pretty soon there are beautiful things all around.

A toddler hand on a mommy arm.  Boys that scramble to the door when daddy comes home.  Clouds racing across a bright blue sky.  Fresh fruit for picking.  Dream-sharing date nights.  A grandmother that repeats the same answer to grandpa over and over, with the same intonation each time; weary but not giving up.  Sisters laughing.  Brothers throwing crab-apples.   Squirt guns in baby fingers.  Ice cream cones dribbling down fingers, arms, shirts and pants.


If you might be interested in joining in on the fun you can click right here to find out all of the details.  This is my second week doing it, and I will admit I am not nearly as sweaty as I was last week. ;)  TMI?


  1. Anne Peterson05 July, 2013 13:49

    Liked your post and the reminder that beautiful things are everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. I especially liked the visual of ice cream dripping. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. So many beautiful things. And I'll tell you a secret: as you train your eye to seek beauty, you become more beautiful. I hope you'll look at my post for Five Minute Friday - I think ours are definitely on related themes.

  3. I am always surprised when people say Oklahoma isn't beautiful. I suppose if you compare the flat lands to, say, Alaska, it might seem a bit boring. But there is so much beauty here if you look for it. I like your post a lot. It's a good reminder to "look for" the beauty. I'm behind on blog reading but I'm gonna have to check out your 5 minute friday deal. Hope you are all well!

  4. no matter where we live God's beauty surrounds us! I love how He surprises us with a dose of His magnificence and reminds us of His presence and strength! Thanks for a great post!