15 July 2013

just do the next thing

Sometimes my mind overwhelms me.  I think over things I don't necessarily need to be thinking about... a lot of times, I pre-think.  Please tell me I am not the only one.  You know, you spend time thinking over something that you don't actually have to think about until later on down the road?  Super common, right?  (Right??)

I think some people would classify it as daydreaming.  Others might call it worry.

Here's how it went down recently for me.

Many of you have generously sent donations to fill up the clothing racks and fulfill the need for bags.  Also, during VBS the kids brought in toiletries throughout the week - enough to fill and overflow the shelves.
this is seriously only a portion of the toiletries.  and see all those various size diapers?  so awesome
I started thinking about what might be next.  Should there an off-site location to handle the overflow of donations?  Should we begin thinking about potentially starting something like Taylor's Closet?  or Our Big House?  The what's next pre-thinking thoughts begin to jumble up the what's now thoughts and before too long there's just a mangled mess of  worried-daydreams in my thinking space.  Gross.

This messy-mind is enough to plant my feet firmly in the muck of uncertainty.  When my feet get planted in uncertainty its hard to move.

But God says, "Sister, get over yourself.  Just do the next thing."  {paraphrase of Psalm 143:10}

So the next thing for now, is to share the list of supplies that we still need downtown. 

Remember, this supply closet is a place where caseworker's can grab what they need for kiddos that have come in to care.  In the scheme of things, its just a little something to help the difficult day go a little smoother.  If there are clothes in the appropriate size and toiletries available to help a child get washed up, it frees the caseworkers up to get to the work of finding a home for the child to go to.  

Items needed:

Girls' New Clothing
  • newborn - filled
  • 3-6 months - filled
  • 6-9 months - filled
  • 12 months - need 1 outfit
  • 18 months - filled
  • 24 months - filled
  • 2T - need 3 outfits
  • 3T - need 3 outfits
  • 4T - need 3 outfits
  • XS (4/5)- need 1 outfit
  • S (6/7) - filled
  • M  (8)- need 1 outfit
  • L (10/12)- need 1 outfit
  • XL & Juniors (size 14 and up) need a few outfits*
  • need girls' socks all sizes

a peek at the clothes.  there are 4 more racks like this!

Boys' New Clothing
  • newborn - filled
  • 3-6 months - filled
  • 6-9 months - filled
  • 12 months - filled
  • 18 months - need 1 outfit
  • 24 months - filled
  • 2T - need 1 outfit
  • 3T - need 1 outfit
  • 4T - need 1 outfit
  • XS - filled
  • S - filled
  • M - filled
  • L - need 1 outfit
  • XL & Juniors, need a few outfits*
  • need boys' underwear 2T, 3T, 4T, and XS, S
Another need is blankets.  Often times children spend quite a bit of time at the office while the caseworkers they to find a home for them.  As with most large buildings in the south, the AC is cold.  It would be nice for the kiddos to be comforted with a blanket during their wait.  The blanket would then become theirs to keep.  If you are crafter and want to make some, bring it!

* There are some larger clothing items in the storage closet, but most of it doesn't go together and the sizes are random.  Generally speaking, this size range is not needed as often.  Usually an older child will be able to dress and care for themselves - however, if an older child has come in to care and is in need of a change of clothes, etc, I would surely think they are keenly aware of it... which is why I desperately want to provide a few outfits there as well.  

If you have any questions ask here or on FB.  I'll be in touch!

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