18 July 2013


All the cliches about how fast time flies seriously don't really capture it. 

Unbelievable.  Truly.

Here you are, ten years old.  I am ever impressed with the person you are becoming.  I rarely catch glimpses of "baby-Wilson" anymore, rather every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of the man you are becoming.  As your mother, it makes me both proud and terrified.

I still can't believe we let you play tackle football last year.  You ran onto that field fearless...oblivious to the size discrepancies between you and 90% of the other players.  You worked hard.  At practice and at games.  I think I knew this before but you proved it during football.  You have no quit in you.

School was a little bit tougher this year, not the work so much as the environment.  I know it wasn't always easy.  The thing that impressed me though, was that you were able to make the best of it anyway.   You came up with some of the sweetest adjectives to describe your teacher and I know you meant it.  It is a gift to be able to accept the way things are, then to go a step further and make things the best they can be.  You go a step further every chance you get.

I know God has wired you uniquely.  I pray you will always strive to be true to the way He wired you - especially when your wiring seems different than most.   I appreciate your ability to empathize with others.  When your little brothers are bothered by something, you quickly try and come up with a solution for them - and when there is no solution to be found, you offer your comfort.  It is always a joy to watch this happen, even if maybe you shouldn't be offering comfort to someone in time-out. 

Happy birthday bud, I pray great things for the year ahead.  Even if we end up moving to Africa...God is the one that is preparing the next place for us.  


  1. Ten, one decade, it is so short...He grows so fast, strong in faith, strong in spirit. What a window to the world, it's amazing to see through those eyes and feel the love that goes with it. God has blessed this Yaya many times over with family! Wilson, I know that your life is just one decade old, and I am already amazed at the things you have done...I know as you grow I will be even more blown away by the way God uses you...even if it's in Africa!

  2. WOW! Double digits! So very hard to believe when I remember you as that shy, little, almost three year old sitting quietly on the couch, when we brought dinner to your family after Walker was born. I should have known right then and there that you would hold an incredibly special place in my heart.(actually, your whole family does).
    You amaze me each time I see you. You take life by the horns and are ready for what comes your way. Your vocabulary is awesome and knowledge of multiple things is amazing(don't tell people that I some times have no clue what you are talking about... but you being you takes the time to explain them to me). I love that you love your brothers and are protective of them... just the way a big brother should be.
    I love when you were riding in the back seat and you and Walker start singing with the radio... that was a sweet moment for me this visit. I also love that I don't embarrass you like I do Logan... and that you still love to snuggle with me.
    You have brought joy to my life and I am thankful that God brought our families together. I can't wait to see the young man you grow into. God has great things in store for you.
    Not sure about this talk about Africa...but God knows and there are airplane tickets for summer visits! Love you Wil!

    1. well, shoot, if you didn't nearly make me cry!