04 August 2013

12 years!


I think I say this every year, but this just keeps getting better. 

I'm so blessed to be your wife Bradley.  You taught me the importance of saying, "I'm sorry" and the equal importance of, "I forgive you."  You say it like you mean it, every time, and you have helped me learn how to do the same. 

You continually inspire me to do my best at the things that matter the most.  You prioritize a happy home over a spotless one, and your grace in this area has encouraged me so many times when I feel like I'm failing.  You jump into the chaos of our home before you even unlace your combat boots most days.  Our boys are always ready to greet you before you can sit for a minute.  And you let them.  Over and over.  You are not tireless, but you keep giving even in your fatigue.

You seek God first in regard to all things.  Your heart for Him, convinces me that all of our needs will be met.  You have chosen to trust Him with our finances and our future, your confidence in His provision repeatedly assures me as well.  You have sought wisdom in how to stretch the E5 pay and every month there is more than enough. You are content with what we have and your contentment is contagious.

I have so many treasured memories stored up in my heart. It overwhelms me to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I will gladly accumulate laugh lines and gray hairs with you darling.  This journey with you feels so much like winning the lottery.  But without the fear of blowing it all in one place. 

Some days this adventure is more like whitewater rafting - prayerfully white-knuckling it through the scary parts, and laughing wild with pride over the accomplishments.  God building our faith along the way.

Most of this adventure, however, is in the every-day-ordinary. The days are often long, the quiet moments after bedtime often feel too few.  But your hand finds mine, you pull me close, and no matter how tired we are I can't help but smile.  We muster the energy to pull ourselves off of the couch and up the stairs, laughter almost always meets us along the way.  

Thank you, darling, for 12 years of surprises I could have never imagined.  I know God has good things in store for the year ahead.  I am grateful for this adventure with you.

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