09 August 2013

five minute friday :: lonely

Five Minute Friday

This week's prompt is :: lonely.


Oh this word.  It has so much meaning wrapped up in.  And I have felt it in so many places.  It strikes me as most strange when I feel lonely while surrounded by others.  When Brad was deployed and I went to church on Sundays - the day of the week that their were more people around me, I felt the loneliest.  That sticks with me still, and even now I can't not reach out for his hand to hold whenever we get to worship together.

I've felt lonely in really lonely places too.  There is almost something appealing for a little bit of loneliness.  Is that even OK to say?  I think when I feel lonely, I seek the One that has promised that I am never alone.  So even if at that moment, on this earth, there is no one else - my confidence grows in knowing He is with me.  Those reminders are always the good kind, especially in lonely places.

Lonely looks different for everyone.  We wear it our own way.  Its not always something we like to talk about, and it often feels heavy to share it with others.  But every time I breathe the feeling of loneliness to another soul?  There is almost always a reassuring "me too" nearby.  We need each other to carry our loneliness, it lightens the load, and reminds us that we aren't alone... even when we are lonely.


Oh you five minutes are quick!  Also?  It is super weird to not spell check and reread what I wrote before hitting publish. 

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1 comment:

  1. I totally identify with feeling lonely in the midst of large groups, it's strange isn't it? And I love what you say about the positives of being lonely : )