15 October 2013

celebrate the small

You know when you are just plain grateful?  I'm having one of those weeks.  Which is really crazy because Brad + I have had an awful head cold which makes me not-so-awesome to be around.  However, God reminds me how much I need Him in my least awesome moments, which makes me profoundly grateful for His faithfulness at all times.  This post is just a reflection of some of the things that I am grateful for today. 

I had such a lovely morning in the foster care supply closet.  Truly.  I found out that the car seat + stroller that were donated have been given to a family that was recently reunified.  They needed a car seat for baby.  I hung up a bunch of new donations and rearranged a couple of shelves to make room for some toys and books.  I had BIG plans to take a bunch of pictures.  Then my timer went off.  So you'll have to wait on the pictures. {Sorry!}

In other news, I made THE best pork roast last night.  It was simple and came out perfectly moist and flavorful.  I am only telling you this because it is so rare that I cook a roast so well.  I have started a board on Pinterest for recipes that I have tried.   I was very creative in naming the board, "Tried."  This way, I can go back to that board when I am doing meal planning.  Smart, huh?  I am keeping the recipes I hated there too, so I don't accidentally make them again.  Gross.

Walker and I have registered for our first 5k.  It's a night run, called the Glow K 5K.  It benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.  I think he is going to be a super star!  Sometime last week, it clicked for him that he can run.  Prior to last week, we had to have a come-to-Jesus-meetin in the middle of every run.  I told Brad that I think I have a clear picture of what it must have been like for him to run with me when I first started running.  He is a good man.

Wilson continues to love football.  He likes to play it.  On game day.  At recess.  And as a video game.  He also enjoys watching practically every televised game - regardless of who is playing - unless of course it is an SEC game, then he refuses to show interest.  In the past, I had thought kids that were into sports, were that way because their parents forced them into it.  I was wrong about that.

Lincoln and Franklin are getting huge.  At lunch today they wanted apples.  They both said, "Don't cut it, momma!" Seriously, the 10-year-old still likes his apples cut, but these two.  They want to be big.  Also?  We are having some issues at childcare at church + Bible study.  We are trying separate classrooms at church.  They tend to play off of one another and it can spiral out of control pretty quickly.  In case you wonder what this might look like, I offer this {completely hypothetical} example:
Lincoln throws a toy.
Teacher says, "Lincoln toys are not for throwing."
Meanwhile, Franklin whips a toy in the opposite direction while looking at the teacher that is finishing her sentence to Lincoln.
Teacher says, "Franklin, we can't throw toys, one of our friends could get hurt..."  Teacher's voice trails off as she notices Lincoln laughing hysterically and picking up a toy to throw.  At her.  Face.
Yes, I do believe that is how the spiral begins.  I am hoping to one day find a way to tap into positive peer pressure with one another, but for now we are trying separate classrooms.  They actually do not seem to mind the time apart, so it might be a good thing for them.

Brad and I persist in prayer for what God has planned next for our family.  We still do not have a timeline for when Brad will be separated from the Army but he continues to search job postings and send out resumes like a boss.  We trust that God has worked out the details ahead of us, and now we wait for Him to reveal those details as the time comes.

I am going to try and do a better job of telling our story here.  You know, the everyday stuff that holds so much of the joy but seems small?  I want to celebrate the small here.  I want to collect it into words as I savor the little tidbits that matter so much.  I hope in doing so, you'll celebrate your small too.  It all matters.  Aaaand now I have this song stuck in my head.  Naturally.


  1. I have missed reading your blog in our busyiness. I love your heart and hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing and encouraging!

    1. Jenn, I know the busyness gets in the way of me being able to blog too. We choose the important, though. Love you, and glad you are encouraged when you do have time to read!