17 October 2013

living the dream

As I went to PWOC this morning, I was considering this current push of "pursuing your dreams."  It can be confusing. 

I love my life today.  The way all the parts fit together, I am just pleased.  Content.  At peace.  This was never "my dream."  Is that even OK to say out loud?  {I hope so, because I blurted it out during my bible study class.}  To me, every bit of this life I live was stitched together by Creator God.  There is no way I could've dreamed this up, imagined it, or even hoped for it.  I quoted from my bible study workbook this morning on FB::
"To live for the greatness of God is to live the great life... Every one of us who embraces the glory of God as our purpose will end up doing great things precisely because we do God-things." - Beth Moore from Esther 
I'm just beginning to unpack these thoughts, so I will be thinking about them more - a lot more -you will likely hear more about it too.  God weaves our lives together in such detailed ways.  I'm convinced that the seen and the unseen, it all matters. 

Speaking of seen, I took a selfie today, mostly for those of you that live far away.  I know you must miss my face.

 I took that selfie because I wanted to show you the craziness that Pinterest talked me into behind my face.  Those twisty things.  And those bobby pins.  Part of me thinks it worked.  Part of me wonders.  {You can see Koka avoiding eye contact in the hair picture, she's one to judge.}

Also.  These two were good in their class this morning.  They were given suckers as soon as we hit the sidewalk.  I am not above bribery.  Especially bribery with sugar. 

As I was backing out of the parking spot this conversation happened:

Lincoln:  Wheel broken.  Broke wheel.
Me:  {guessing} Oh, a wheel broke?  On a toy?  It was an accident, though, huh?
Franklin:  No, uh, no, I broke that wheel.  I ran and broke that wheel.
Lincoln: Ya, Frank'in break it.

Well, their teachers DID say they were good.

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