04 October 2013

the not-so-secret-millionaire

I am going to post an update about the foster care supply closet at the end of this post.  But before that I have to tell you something. 

You may or may not know that Brad is getting out the Army due to his back problems.  We are currently waiting for the VA to send his packet back to Fort Benning to get an idea about when this will happen and what we can expect.  {Not sure how or if the shutdown is impacting this.}  Meanwhile, Brad is hunting down a job.  He is working like it all depends on him, and praying like it all depends on God.  It really has been quite spectacular to watch.  Brad's dream job would be something in orphan care.  We've talked about where we might move.  We've laughed about how most people would be more supportive of us moving to Africa than moving to an urban area.

I even picked up a clever joke to share when we talk about our future.  I mention the show "Secret Millionaire" and talk about how I love watching it.  If you haven't seen it, its a reality show that follows a millionaire into the broken-down parts of a city.  While walking along the streets the millionaire  pretends to be an average joe,  he finds some non-profit-organizations to volunteer with, and in the end he spills the beans about his wealth and hands over some fat checks to the non-profits.  I cry during every episode by the way.  So, anyway, I joke about how Brad would like to possibly work with a non-profit, but that I wouldn't mind if God chooses us to be secret millionaires.  And then I make a joke about promising to write tons of fat checks to all sorts of great places.  Deep in my heart, I know that joke comes from a place of fear.  Gah.

But this week, y'all.  The joke was on me.

When I wrote three posts in a row last week I was spent.  I came downstairs one afternoon and told Brad I had never felt that exhausted from writing a post.  I think my words were, "it was just so hard to write." It felt like a mess to me, but I hit publish anyway.  I couldn't have predicted what God could do with those messy words.

Since that post, we have received over $800 {retail value} in new clothing for the foster care supply closet.  And two more boxes are in the mail!  Plus a couple of local friends have items to donate!   I was even able to meet a friend in the office on Tuesday morning!  It blessed me to share that space with her! To top it off, she brought a newborn car seat with a base and a stroller to donate! BOOM!

{I know, I know, way too many exclamation points, but seriously !!!!!!}

Who are we, that all this goodness should come our way?  The level of giddiness surrounding my heart is intoxicating. 

It is as if I was handed a check by a secret millionaire.

It is as if my Father is trying to tell me something. 

And I'm picking up on it.  Glory, glory, hallelujah!

He has got this.  Wherever He call us, He goes before us and with us.  He is a not-so-secret-millionaire-times-infinity.  Sometimes I forget how easily He can shift resources to the place they are needed.  One of my favorite parts about all of this, is that I wasn't even a little bit convinced that my blog post was going to generate any donations.  God can take what we think is a mess, and use it in ways we couldn't dream.  I'm just in awe.

The more I walk with my Savior, the more I am drawn in to the mystery of His ways.

The earth is the Lord's, and all it contains,  
The world, and those who dwell in it. 
-Psalm 24:1 (NASB)

Ok - time for the update.   Many have asked, "what else do you need?"

The number one need is VOLUNTEERS.  Please pray for volunteers.  Please!  I'm thinking especially for volunteers to help at the front desk.

Here's the clothing needs' list (although there are two boxes en route, so this will change a bit!)  We are almost to the point where any size can be purchased to help keep the closet fully stocked.  Do you have any idea how amazing it is to type the words "fully stocked"??

Some other things that are needed include:
  • towels (for use in the office, when kiddos come into care and need to get cleaned up)
  • blankets (government office building = freezing AC)
  • shelf-stable snacks
  • underwear
  • socks 
  • bras or camis
  • older kiddo toiletries 
  • bags 
Comfort items:
  • toy or stuffed animal (new or used in-no-way-this-is-practically-mint-condition)
  • books (new or practically new)
  • football, basketball, soccer ball
  • lip gloss, nail polish, etc.
If you have an idea, don't hesitate to share it!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask it!

If you are a praying person, would you pray for the supply closet?  Pray for the kiddos that will wear the clothing and use the items that are donated.  Pray for them to feel the Love they are desperate for.  If you are far away, pray for the kiddos in your community in foster care.  You might never meet them personally, but your prayers matter more than we can imagine.  I believe it with all my heart.

Finally, thank you.  Your generosity is blowing me away.  God is using you to love His children and I am learning so much in the process.  I am humbled to be in this place right now.  And also, giddy.


  1. Love to hear your heart through the computer. I *still* have things to send. They are sitting in a bag at the foot of the stairs. Sorry about my absent mindedness. Did you get the 31 bags from me from Jana?

    1. I did get bags from Jana (I don't know if I knew some were from you), so THANK YOU! No worries on sending your items... I think that the right things will be in the closet for just the right kiddo, at just the right time. If you feel a twinge of guilt, just a say a prayer for the kiddos that will wear them, and the guilt will melt away. Thank you for being such a great encourager!