01 November 2013

a little love note to November

Dear November,

You might be my favorite. 

You are just so unassuming and inviting.  You are smack dab in the middle of two big-hot-button-point-your-finger-defend-your-family-choices holidays.  I've waded through the pro-Halloween and anti-Halloween posts.  And you give me a little bit of a breather before the online Christmas controversies get all fired up.  You give me time to just be grateful.  That's all.  I don't have to make any arguments for taking time to reflect on the good things I have been given.  Nor will there be criticism for counting my blessings.  (Although undoubtedly someone will post this gem :: I don't need one day {one month?} a year to be thankful because I am thankful every day.) 

Its finally cool-ish here most days and it just feels like fall.  November, you usher in the anticipation of advent by waking my heart to gratefulness.  You provide an annual meet-up with my Savior, a set-apart time.  My offerings of gratitude seem small and humble but He welcomes me to sort through the year-past and remember the treasures that have been given. 

There is something so powerful in gathering up these good things, of holding them up to Him in praise and adoration.  It is contentment.  It is joy.  It is a memorial.  It prepares me to wait for Him to come.

Sure, technically, Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of the month; but November, this month-of-gratitude-thing is catching on.  It's not competitive or exclusive.  It is so fun to see others share their thankfulness too, this vast collection of gratitude offered up as praise to our Creator, our Savior, our Gift-giver. 

One of the most clever things about you, November, is that in giving thanks daily; our hearts pick up a habit... and that is really something to appreciate. 

So welcome back, November, I am so thankful you are here!

With gratitude and anticipation,

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