02 December 2013

simple advent

Advent has begun! And I r-e-a-l-l-y just wanted to tell you about what we are doing this year... mostly because its low-key yet our guys love it.  None of these are original ideas of my own, just things pieced together to work for us. We do a pretty basic advent countdown calendar.  We hung our bags up Saturday night and the boys were quite delighted to find them.  Each bag has a sweet treat {usually a piece of candy for each boy}, an advent Scripture passage, and an activity.  The activities are generally things we do each December anyway but its more exciting when its in a bag I guess.  {Examples: Watch Rudolph, Go see lights at Calloway, Drive to Michigan, etc}

I wanted to tell you about it, though, because this year we also added a reading from the Jesus Storybook bible and we are loving it. 

We had the best discussion this morning at breakfast about how mind-boggling it is to think about "the beginning."  Such sweet treasure!  

As you can see, I used markers to number our bags, and randomly cut pieces of construction paper to write the details on.  You don't need to go all out or get crazy fancy.  {Or you totally can if you want to; but I want to assure those of you that feel behind that it is SO NOT about the level of fanciness!  I promise your kiddos will not care a bit.  Not a single boy murmured a word about me not using cute-scrapbook-paper for the numbers!}  You won't see a pin on Pinterest of these paper bags and that's ok.  This is just a simple way for us to slow down and connect each morning in December and help build the anticipation of our coming King.  If you don't have bags, use envelopes!  Or just put it on the counter in the morning.  Whatever! 

If you have The Jesus Storybook Bible it'll be easy to jump in today.  Click here for the list of readings. And guess what?  I just found out there is a printable there if you just want to print off the list.  Bonus!  {If you don't have The Jesus Storybook Bible you might want to add it to your Christmas list.  It is beautiful.}

If you want to read the other scriptures we are using this year, I found them right here.  I am sure there a bunch of places you can find advent readings.

This is really just for those of you that were hoping to do something for Advent this year but didn't get it together yet.  You can make it simple.  You can make it work for your family.  It doesn't have to win craft awards or be pin-worthy.  Keep it simple and enjoy your kiddos.  I promise you won't regret it. 

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  1. I can't wait for Moses to get a bit older and then we can start doing things like this. Right now I think marvin would laugh if I made him do it with me...