19 December 2013

the best kind of surprise

On Sunday, Pastor Bill talked about how much he loves to give gifts at Christmas.  He said he makes a list of all the gifts he gives and then numbers it.  He doesn't give any hints and has the kids open their packages in a certain order.  He talked about how great it is to see the anticipation on his loved ones' faces knowing that he's picked the right gifts for each one.

How much more does our Father enjoy giving us the right gifts at the right time?  He delights in giving us good things.

This confirmed for me all over again the goodness of the plans our God has for us.  The certainty that He has the just-right job for Brad once this Army stuff is all over.  Its boosted my confidence to wait for Him to give it, knowing He will give it at the right time.  Sometimes I feel like begging for hints.  Maybe just give me a sneak peek... like Christmases past when I would sneak into my dad's closet and try on my clothes... but then God gives us a week like this, with special moments downtown and a sneak peek at how He is at work in the details and His presence is just so near.  And I know.  I know His plans will be the best kind of surprise and they will be just right for us.  So we'll wait to unwrap that gift until the time is just right too.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, we had our Family Christmas this past Saturday.  It gives our boys time to play with their presents from us and gives us more space in the car (because we don't haul their gifts with us!).  We had a really nice day and I think 5 out of 6 of us stayed in jammies until bedtime when we put on fresh jammies for bed.  All of the boys were thrilled with their gifts from us and it was just a lovely day.  My heart is full and my burdens are light, my hands are open for the gifts He is giving this season.

Looking forward to our trek north and the word on the street is that we'll have a white Christmas; of course, we're more excited about seeing family than seeing snow {especially me, there's only a small slice of my being that is looking forward to snow - and only for the boys' sake!}

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