03 February 2014

birthday boys!

I just read you "Oh the Places You'll Go" before your nap time.  It's a favorite of mine on birthdays.  You'll see. 

It's hard to believe you are already three.

You are both so independent.  You like to let us know your opinions. Often.

Franklin, you are two minutes older than Lincoln - I'm guessing one day you'll rub that in.  You can be a serious snuggle-bug when you are in the mood.  You love to listen to books being read to you.

You are still a-bit-picky when it comes to trying new foods, but you generally give it your best shot {often including dramatic gagging}.  You are definitely motivated by sweets and would likely eat sweets exclusively if that were an option.  You l-o-v-e to go.  All out.

Lincoln, you are our youngest {for now}, although its not easy to tell.  You like new adventures and you are generally eager to greet anyone that is kind to you.  You flash your smile and melt hearts immediately.
You love to sing along to whatever songs you hear - although there are times you put in requests for specific favorites too.  You l-o-v-e to be outside.  You would be out there all-day-every-day if we let you.

The two of you together are each others' biggest fans.  One of my favorite parts of the day is when you are both awake giggling at each other behind your closed door.  Your delight in one another is just so obvious.  You sometimes do these silly little chants that no one understands but the two of you.

You have branched out to different classes at church and you are thriving in your own space.  But you do love seeing one another again afterwards.  It's almost too adorable.

I keep catching myself all teary-eyed today because I am just so blessed to be your momma.  I have lots of big thoughts about your birth momma today too.  I can't figure out a way to put those thoughts into words, other than that I am so so grateful that she gave you boys your birthday. 

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  1. I just L-O-V-E that photo of them walking hand in hand