05 February 2014

supply closet Februray update

Do you remember when I posted this:

She mentioned that sometimes the difference in whether or not a child comes in to foster care is a car seat.  Some children come in to foster care in this community because their parents do not have a car seat.  Y'all.  She also mentioned that the same circumstance is true for pack-n-plays.  Babies need a safe place.   Not all parents have the cash to drop on a pack-n-play.  I have two pack-n-plays in a closet right now.  They were generously given to me.  Not everyone has generous people in their lives supporting them.  This is an opportunity to serve right here in this community.  If you have (or know someone that has) a car seat or pack-n-play that can be donated, let me know.  We'll get it to the right place.  Of course, these items should be in nice condition. We can buy new pack-n-play mattress pads or sheets if yours are stained due to the horrible Rotavirus. {Oh, that might just be ours.}  [Click here for full post.]

Shortly after that post, we cleaned up our pack-n-plays and donated them to the supply closet.  Last week, I was talking with one of the caseworkers about some of their current needs.  She mentioned that they were able to give away the pack-n-plays that we had donated right away.  She said some children were about to come in to care but they had a grandmother that could take them instead... however, the grandmother didn't have any beds for the children (or funds).  A phone call was made and the caseworker was able to pass along the pack-n-plays. 

I don't have all the details and don't understand all of the circumstances, all I know is that donations in that closet help children in crisis immensely.  And immediately. 

Those pack-n-plays were the first place our babies slept in our home.  I had posted on FB to see if anyone had some we could borrow and the next day my friend, Teresa, drove from Atlanta to deliver two brand-new-top-of-the-line pack-n-plays (along with a bunch of other stuff!)  Those pack-n-plays made the rounds with us to Florida and Michigan and Alabama and a few other places too.  But our boys outgrew them.  I wanted to pass them along to someone so I could be a blessing the way Teresa was to us.  I wouldn't have guessed that they would be used in a placement plan that kept children with family members instead of coming into a stranger's home. 

I know many of you like to keep up with the needs of the office so I am going to share a list right now.  When I did the inventory this week, I only marked complete-winter-appropriate-outfits for each size.  If you should find a deal on jeans or yoga pants or long sleeve tees or whatever, feel free to pick some up - even if you can't make a complete outfit.  The pink sparkly shoe story taught me that God makes outfits from all over the place.

Of course, we need shoes as well.  All sizes.  There are currently 12 pairs of shoes total for all ages so feel free to buy any size. 

Other items that are also needed:
bags (for children to carry their items along with them)
small stuffed animals or other "lovey"-type items

All items should be new {with or without tags is fine}.  The exception to new items would be car seats or pack-n-plays that are in good condition.  

As always, if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Thanks, friends, for being so generous!  You look a whole lot like Jesus when you love like this!


  1. You say you need bags- in your list above. Would gift bags work? I have a BUNCH

  2. No Linds, we need bags for the kiddos to keep their belongings in... like kids' size backpacks, etc. Sometimes they have nothing and sometimes they just have a garbage bag. :(