15 March 2014

five minute friday :: crowd

Here's my link up to Lisa-Jo Baker's.  Even later this week than last! But, you know, better late than never, right?

Five Minute Friday 
 five minute friday :: crowd

As the day gets away from me, words crowd into my thoughts, my mind.  Things I maybe should've gotten done.  Things maybe I shouldn't have said.  Crowding around, filling up the space.  Its heavy at times.  That crowd of shove-me-around-drag-me-down words.  They try to crowd out the silly giggles we shared at lunch or the happy-after-school-tales.

But there is a quiet voice in that crowd.  Its that Voice that speaks truth.  It reminds me to remember the good, the gifts, the blessings.  It reminds me to be grateful.  To hold tight and speak up about the sweet moments that filled more of the day.

The Voice also reminds me that there is some Truth to glean from that crowd of end-of-the-day words too.  I surely can be more careful about what I say, and more careful with how I spend my time.  But the true voice speaks differently than those crowded words -- it speaks with Love, and with Hope, and with Grace.  It speaks of Mercy.

There is no condemnation here, not like in the crowded-jumbled words.


  1. I think we can all relate with those judgmental words that try and crowd their way in during the day. Thankful for those mercy words that fight their way through the "crowd" to make their way up front. Glad to have you as my FMF neighbor, we fashionably late posters have to stick together, right?! =)

  2. Ha, ha!! Thinking alike... so funny. So great! I love the "shove-me-around-drag-me-down" line...great description. :-) "No condemnation here". Amen. Thanks again for the encouragement, Amanda!!

  3. Hi! I am visiting from FMF!
    I loved how you brought God's voice into the picture as the one that stands out in the crowd of your mind and all those competing voices. What a great idea! I could picture His peace as you wrote. :)

  4. Great post. I hadn't thought of the crowding in my head....