08 March 2014

five minute friday :: willing

five minute friday -- on a Saturday!  {Rulebreaker!}

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Five Minute Friday

Ready. Set.  GO!


I say I am willing.  I want to use my gifts for His glory.  Yes I sure do.

Except when fear holds me back.  Or when I assume my gift is really just too ordinary.  Surely everyone has been told, "you should write a book!"  At least that I is what I tell myself.  When people say, "you are a gifted writer".  I more or less shrug my shoulders, kick some dirt around my toes and assume everyone that writes anything online hears this often.

So I discount my gift. The one I have repeatedly said I am willing to use.  I put it off.  I read every tutorial on pinterest for making a baby hat before deciding to just use the first one I found.  Then if I really want to put off writing, I'll go ahead and read the comments on that tutorial.  And hey! since this tutorial is so well-written maybe there are other tutorials I should look for by this person.

And the time I willingly set aside to write, is gone.

So am I really willing?

As I mopped yesterday and the dudes painted and I sang lyrics out loud. . . this one stopped me cold, "I don't want to be a thief who's stealing your glory."*  And it hit me.  I could steal His glory if I claim success as my own. If I don't acknowledge my writing as His gift.  But maybe, just maybe,  I also steal it when I choose to hide it away.  Keep it hidden and safe.

 Lyrics are from a song by Ellie Holcomb called, "Only Hope I've Got."  Her songs are scripture-based and hope-filled and all around lovely.  Always.


  1. This is great, Amanda. I too, have secretively wanted to be a writer (at least on a small scale, a blogger?) and yet I make time for EVERYTHING else, rarely sitting down to do it and never sharing it. But, when I write....I am SO relaxed and full of joy. I feel like it's what I am supposed to be doing. It's hard to find the time in this busy life, but I feel like it's part of my being still. You have encouraged me to choose to use this gift (even if I don't feel that it's good enough, interesting enough, too ordinary, too whatever....I've learned in reading Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman that the artist needs to use her gift because she was created to share it. Who cares if everyone else is saying the same things? Who cares if it's ordinary? Who cares if I'm not that good...a skill needs to be honed and strengthened and stretched anyway...it's a process. It's the sharing, the being that is bringing Him glory. The being REAL. I needed to read this today. I think I might be brave and link up with you on the 5 minute Friday. Eeeek!

    1. Oh my gosh, Angela! I love your words here. Such an encouragement to me! And yes, yes, yes, pretty please do five-minute-friday with me! :) EEEEKKKKK!!! is right!