26 March 2014

foster care supply closet :: the little things

I forgot to tell you all that we ran out of hangers in the foster care supply closet last week.  That was a pretty fun experience. . .

Yesterday Brad came with me and I took a couple pictures to help you see inside it again.

When we were leaving we stopped by the case worker's office.  She jokingly asked if we wanted to take a baby with us.  He was in her office in his car seat, happy and alert.  

The clothes hanging in the closet seem so meaningless compared to a baby in a car seat.  The bras and bags and socks and shoes barely mean a thing when there is a child in an office waiting through phone call after phone call to find a home for him.

We couldn't bring that baby home with us yesterday.  {Mostly because of the whole retiring-from-the-Army-and having-to-move-out-of-our-house-by-April-29-and-needing-a-job-to-qualify-for-a-lease-thing.}

Leaving him wide-eyed and cooing in that office tends to feel wrong.  But I think that is the enemy at work.

We can't always do what our hearts would like to.  And we certainly can't do everything all the time.  Ever.  Sometimes this realization leads me to a place of "well, why do anything at all?"  

This is the wrong conclusion.  But the one the enemy would like us to trip up on.

Here's the thing, though::  When the caseworker finds a home for that sweet boy, she can offer: a few outfits, diapers, formula, a blanket, some lovies, bottles, baby wash, baby lotion, and a case of baby wipes!

This matters.  This helps with the placement transition.  It might be small, but it is important.

I didn't purchase those things for that closet.  All I did was tell people about the need. My part in it was small, y'all.  Miniscule, really.  Someone else bought all of those items.  They were faithful to their part, I was faithful to my part.  Someone else will be faithful in doing their part in bringing that little guy to their home.

Do not be discouraged to do the thing that you can do right now.  Whatever it might be.  Perhaps nobody can see it, maybe you can't even see how it is helpful.  God sees.  

Whatever that thing is that is in your heart to do, if you can only do a small slice of it today -- do it anyway.  Eventually those small slices will add up to a whole.  Consistently doing a small thing adds up to a big thing.  The enemy of our souls hates it when we realize this.

So I am doing my small thing today. 

Here is an update about the foster care supply closet needs.

I also want to encourage anyone that is local to join us at the Twilight 5k to support the foster care supply closet.  Click here for details!

Our church, Cascade Hills,  will be launching Mission 1:27 on April 5 & 6 2014.  Brad will be sharing in each of the services that weekend.  We are praying now for people that will want to join together to support children in foster care in our area.  From the smallest job to the hardest task, it takes a lot of people to care for these kiddos and their families well.  We are so excited about this opportunity.  And beyond thrilled that we get to be a part of God's work in this way.

Finally, if you would like to purchase a bag for the foster care supply closet, we are hosting a drive via Thirty-One gifts.  You can place an order through this link.  Everyone that purchases a bag will be entered into a drawing for hostess rewards.  Fun perk, huh?

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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