27 March 2014

things to celebrate

Remember how I am trying to celebrate the little things more often?  Thursdays seem like a perfect day to do this because I go to PWOC in the morning and I'm always grateful when I walk out of there.

This week I am celebrating a handful of things,  they don't necessarily feel small to me.

1. Nobody called their teacher a jerk at church this week! This was not something we could celebrate last week.

2.  I got to sew some really-ridiculously-adorable baby girl things.  Sewing is generally a relaxing creative outlet for me.  I'm grateful I have a space to do it.

3.  I got an email about a month or so ago from the mother of one of my friend's from church.  She asked if her small group (from another local church) could donate some items to our foster care office supply closet.  Here's a picture of the group with some of their donations.  They also donated a new pack-n-play and a whole bunch of training bra sets.  This is such a huge blessing!

4. I was catching up with a friend of mine at PWOC this morning, we chatted about Brad's retirement, then we talked about a couple friends that have moved from here.  We were just listing off the ways God is blessing each of them and doing little happy dances on their behalf.  I realized what a glorious gift it is to have a friend like that.  It is a joy to celebrate others' wins.  The joy is magnified when we do it in community!

5.  Wilson, Walker, and I all passed the 6-mile mark last week during our long run for the running club.  The boys don't always love the idea of running, but they are pretty much rock stars in my book.  We're running the 5k at Cascade Hills the week after next.  Register here! {PS - God gave us a super fun reminder that He is in the details.  The PE teacher that started the running club is in the small group up there that donated to the foster care closet! So cool, huh?}

5. Brad bought me a thanks-for-coming-on-the-Army-adventure-with-me gift.  Totally unexpected.  Its the first laptop I have ever owned.  If I told you what he wrote in the card you would likely bawl, so I'll spare you.  He put the sticker on for me today. 

What are you celebrating today?  I'd love to celebrate with you!

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  1. I have not been blog-reading lately. It's good to catch up. I love your "little" family SO much! It has been a pleasure to watch your journey. That picture of the boys is so cute! And the gift from Brad. I love it! So glad to know you and catch up with you...even from afar. I hope you are resting in God's grace through the changes at hand. ♥