25 April 2014

celebrating small

Just a quick list of little things I'm celebrating on a Friday afternoon.

1.  Riding with the windows down.  Brad used the van to load up pack-n-plays, car seats, and whatnot for the foster care office supply closet.  The little dudes were delighted to have their car seats in the Aztec and control of the window buttons.  They remind me so often, "its the little things."  {You can barely see a little hand reaching out that back window!}

2.  Friends and family to pray with.  I know this isn't small.  But sometimes I forget to celebrate the treasure that it is. . . that I can send an email or a text and ask for prayer.  Or grab a few friends at bible study and ask them to come lift another friend in prayer.   I was just thinking about what a great, great treasure that is.

3.  Trash picking.  Brad is a reluctant trash picker.  I have no problem with it because it is a very 'green' thing to do. Anyway, when he got home from Bible study he asked Wilson to come help him get two tiny bikes from the trash.  This morning two very happy boys shrieked with joy.   And the landfills are that much emptier. Boom.

4. Ankle crossers.  Irresistible.

5.  Easter candy.  I can't help it.  I've already eaten all of the Gobstoppers and Bottlecaps but we still have some Nerds left.  Don't worry I keep it in a bowl on the fridge so the boys won't get sick from eating it all.

 6.  Kitchen Success.  Y'all.  I'll never be a food blogger.  But I have got to tell you how amazing dinner turned out last night.  It was almost an hour late, which I think always adds to the deliciousness of it.  I spatchcocked my chicken because I forgot to put it in the crockpot in the morning.  I slathered it up with some olive oil and s+p and popped it in the oven.  I then chopped up my sweet potatoes because I knew the chicken wouldn't roast long enough to bake the potatoes whole.  At the last second, I decided to rough-chop a yellow onion.  I tossed the potatoes + onions with some olive oil and s+p, then put them on the baking sheet with the chicken.  I didn't even stir them while it all roasted.  {Did I mention Brad wasn't home?}  45 minutes later and the world's most delicious sweet potatoes emerged.  Oh my word.  I didn't want to share any of it.  Even the-boy-that-refuses-to-eat-a-baked-sweet-potato ate his entire serving.  I didn't offer seconds.  The chicken was fine too, but it didn't change my life.

7. Teachers.  WJ's teacher asked him to wear his medal today.  I'm giddy over the fact that she wants to celebrate his efforts.  WJ + WC both told us about the morning announcements Monday when they said, "Walker Lutz ran his first 10k over the weekend."  

What small things are you celebrating?


  1. thanks sweet friend for reminding us to remember... to celebrate the small things!