11 April 2014

five minute friday:: paint

Wow. Things are getting crazy around these parts!  Its Friday AND I'm writing my five-minute-friday post TODAY!  Yesterday, I was early to an appointment (and neither Brad nor my grandma was with me!).  What next?  

So anyway, as you know Lisa-Jo Baker invites the internets to write along with her for five minutes on Fridays.  You can read about it here, if you want to jump on board with her.

Five Minute Friday
Today's prompt is -- PAINT.


It is sort of a hassle.

Something to cover the table.  Make sure the shirts are OK for the mess.  Track down various size paint brushes - and make sure the bristles aren't falling out all willy-nilly.  Get little cups out for water and carefully fold up a paper towel for dabbing off excess.

And let them paint.

They'll sit still for a long stretch.  Always dipping their brushes in color, then water, then slipping it across the paper.  Next color.  Then the next.  After they've swiped a little of each color, the colors start mingling.

Dipping, slipping, dripping across the paper.

Its messy.  But they are creating and they are happy about it.

I don't ever want the fear of a mess to cause me to hold back the boys' creativity.

Paint is one of those mediums that just spreads and moves so effortlessly.  Let the brush fly and the colors burst and there is almost always something beautiful in the aftermath.  Even if only to a mother's eye.

Messes happen.  But often the beauty is hard to find before the mess.  So let the mess come and watch as the beauty unfolds.  There is joy along the way, and also some learning opportunities when I take the time to listen in on my little artists.  You know, "oh look what happens when the red and blue blend together!"

Yes, its a hassle.  Sure, its a mess.

But the effort?  Its worth it.  And if I don't have artwork for my wall at the end of it, at the very least, I  have a memory to hold onto.  And so do my little creative dudes.


and who can write about her messy artists and not include a picture?  


  1. One of my favorite pictures of all time is my son, about 2 years old, painted up to his shoulders and beaming with pride. Of course I had to stop and take a picture before I could clean up that mess. This line means so much to me!
    "But often the beauty is hard to find before the mess."
    Thank you!

  2. This is so precious! I love spending time with my little ones while they paint and especially displaying their masterpieces all over the refrigerator or taped to the outside of the pantry door. Once I made chocolate pudding for finger painting and I really got into that mess with them! Delicious! Can you tell I enjoyed visiting here from FMF? So refreshing! More Grace, Donna (donnaharris.wordpress.com)

  3. Very encouraging!! Love this post as I have little ones too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. It's the next Friday and I'm finally getting a chance to pop over here and read this. Love this. I think I am going to pull out those paints and let the little girls create today. It IS worth it. And, maybe I will sit and take the time to do the same.... maybe. ;-)