05 April 2014

five minute friday :: writer

guess what?  it's five-minute friday again.  On Saturday!

Five Minute Friday

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This week's prompt :: writer  {I know, right?}

*** GO ***

There is a stigma with some titles.  Others, I'll slap them on myself easily. 

Mother?  Sure, got the kids to prove it.
Teacher?  You betcha!  At one time I even had a sweater-vest with apples appliqued on it. 
Cheerleader?  If I'm wearing the uniform, I'll claim it :)

But writer?  That's a weird one.  It feels awkward and clumsy and not quite right to put by my own name.

Not unlike, runner.  That's another title I struggle to associate with myself.  I feel as awkward as can be at the running store for "real runners."  I'm sure the "real runners" on the trail note my newbie-ness and graceless form.

But you know what?  It feels good when I run.  I might not really feel like going for a run while I'm lacing up my shoes.  I often huff and puff and turn beet-red while my feet pound the pavement in a thumping rhythm. But it always feels good when I finish a run.  Even if I don't call myself a runner.

I think the same is true with the writing.  It feels good when I write.  I might put it off.  I might feel like its a silly thing to "make time" for, but it feels good when I get the words out -- the words I've carried around for a day or a week or longer.  It always feels good when I finish something I've written.  Even if I don't plan to publish it, it feels right.  Even if I don't call myself a writer.

So I'll just keep on doing it.  Whether I'll allow myself to be associated with the title or not. 

*** STOP ***


  1. Dear Amanda,

    I can relate to what you expressed on how it feels to write. Indeed it feels good to write out something that I've been carrying for a while...it feels right!.

    Blessings in Christ...Susan

  2. I too can relate with the way you described what you feel when you write!
    I just want to tell you: you write=you're a writer! Also you're good at it, so you definitely can call yourself a writer...no pressure;)
    And even if you don't want to call yourself that(I totally understand, by the way), I think it is great that you won't let it hinder you in writing, because the joy that you describe is a way good enough reason to write!

    -Ava Sophie

  3. Love it! Great comparison to being a "runner. " :) And you are right. It just feels good to write.