12 April 2014


Wilson, Walker and I ran the Cascade Hills Twilight 5k together for the first time. This was Wilson's first 5k, Walker's third, and my fifth. They have both officially ran faster 5k's than I have.  Wilson blew my first 5k time by over 10 minutes.  I'm still going to take credit for helping with their training. . .but I suspect I might be a liability for them in the speed-department.

My friend, Amber, was kind enough to snap some photos of us and emailed them to me.  WJ and I ran together for the first 3/4 of a mile or so.  He stayed home from school yesterday because he had a low-grade fever.  Brad suggested he just run nice + easy.  He agreed to it.  Until he decided he was just going to go ahead and run his best.

I LOVE the thumbs up here.  Seriously, could that dude be any cuter?

Wilson used the watch for pacing himself.  He knew he wanted to run under 28 minutes.  When we passed each other at the first turn around, he said he was running "an 8-something pace."  So proud of him. He finished in approx. 27:58 min.

He made it look pretty effortless.  When I saw him as we passed one another on the second loop, his form looked perfect.  Unfortunately, he claims it wasn't that fun and doesn't want to run the 10k next week with WJ and I.  It's the one we've been training for since January.  We're hoping he'll change his mind, but we aren't going to force him. 

Walker almost always runs negative-splits -- which means he runs faster as he goes.  He beat his last 5k time by at least 6 minutes, maybe more.  He finished last night right around 31:00 min.

I struggled.  I am choosing to blame it on the fact that I gave blood the day before, but I think it might just be in my head.   Amber's husband circled back and ran part of the last bit with me.  I took a walk break and then both Wilson + Walker came out to meet me.  They were shirtless + adorable; saying encouraging words like, "you've got this!" + "you've got more in you, mom!"  I finished around 38 minutes.  I think that might be tied with my first 5k time or might be slightly slower.

All of our finish times are our best guesses because Brad was doing a lot of chasing during the race.  He is pretty sure his back would've felt better if he had run the 5k rather than wrangled the little dudes (after bedtime, in a crowd).  Amber caught a picture of them trying to make a getaway in the golf cart by the finish line.   All you can do is laugh, right? 

My step-dad commented on facebook that "family runners = funners".  I think so for sure.

The best part about the whole thing was that this benefits the local foster care community.  There were a handful of caseworkers and other employees from the DFCS office and it was awesome to see their delight over the turn out.  A lot of folks brought donations in for the supply closet too.

So even though I didn't run a stellar race, my heart is brimming with joy over the whole thing.  God is so good, and we are so privileged to get to be a part of this church, blessing this community.

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  1. Love the recap. And love the "funners!"