11 April 2014

good things

You guys.

This week + our God = awe.  Truly.  Here are some highlights:
  • First and foremost, a FB message from a friend Sunday night telling us her husband accepted Jesus that day!!! I still break into a wide smile every single time I think about it.  So grateful for a Savior that loves us and pursues us.  This could easily be the end of the list.  So much happy wrapped around this! {If it were possible to interject a confetti cannon into a post, this would be the spot!}
  • The response at church Saturday night and Sunday morning was really fun.  You may not know this, but Brad and I are socially awkward.  {I know a lot of you already knew.}  We are terrible at meeting new people, and are often quiet and a little stand-offish in group settings.  After the services this weekend we had to stand at the info table and we shook so many hands and shared so many stories.  We both talked to different people most of the time.  I think each of us had at least a couple prayers whispered into our ears.  We held hands with folks that held back tears.  We conspired about the BIG things God is doing in our community.  We weren't even a little bit awkward.  We were just doing what we were supposed to be doing. 
    • Here's a great new album for the kiddos. {Click here}.  This is music geared for kids, but it doesn't make you feel like your ears are bleeding.  If the songs get stuck in your head, you won't be annoyed you'll be encouraged!  Winning! Funny story, a couple weeks ago I had a lyric stuck in my head.  I thought it must've been a song we sang at church or at PWOC that week.  I googled, "for our God is faithful, He can move mountains."  But I kept coming up with the wrong song.  Yesterday we were listening to this album and when we got back in the car that lyric played.  Its from the song "Mustard Seed."  
    • I'm reading a really good book.  It's actually kind of two books in one.  You start at one side, reading a narrative about some kiddos for a week.  After that you flip it over and read some principles about love over time.  Its written for anybody who will do anything with a kid or teenager this week.   Here's a quote I adore:
    Our attraction to immediate results can keep us so busy we never engage in work that has lasting impact.  We get so pre-occupied with what we can measure, we don't give attention to what we can't measure.  -Reggie Joiner, Playing for Keeps

    • We've been sorting through our house a bit over the last few weeks in varying degrees of urgency.  The fun part about this is uncovering forgotten things.  I am a note-jotter, scrap-of-paper-chicken-scratcher.  I have an uncountable number of notebooks stashed away -- with haphazard tidbits written sideways across lines and sprinkled randomly thoughout the pages.  I found this in one of them.  Sometimes I'm glad I'm a notebook-hoarder. 

    What are some good things you've noticed in your week?

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