02 May 2014

celebrate the small!

I'm celebrating some small things today.  Join me?

  1. Operation-run-with-the-jogging-stroller-again is underway.  I've done it twice now and I can still walk and talk.  Celebrating that!
  2. Two little dudes are dressing themselves -- two days in a row without being told!!  I can't even begin to tell you what sort of freedom that is for me.  Sure, some things were on backwards and nobody had underwear on today but I'm still celebrating the progress.
  3. Brad is home for breakfast.  For four-and-a-half years, Brad had to leave the house before 6am almost every Mon-Fri.  Now that he is has begun his new job, and still gets to have breakfast with us, we're all pretty happy.  Although, the non-morning-people are still non-morning-people even when he is here every morning.
  4. Post-wide garage sale tomorrow!  Half of our garage has been full of half of our stuff (slight exaggeration) for some months now.  We weren't sure if we would be here still for the post-wide sale or not. But we are!  Naturally, we are hoping to sell, Sell, SELL!!
  5. I wrote my five-minute-friday post on Friday.  Its the little things, I tell you.  You can read it here.
  6. Happy.  I just cannot hear that song and not feel happy.  I don't care if its cliche, we'll shake it like freaks up in here every time we play it. Every. Time. Thank you Pharrell.  
  7. Speaking of music celebrations.  You can't make me stop playing the new NEEDTOBREATHE album.  Or the Ellie Holcomb one.  Back and forth, over and over with those two.  Perfection.
  8. It's May.  My favorite month of the year since birth.  It's my birth month, Brad's birth month, Mother's Day, the end of school, and the beginning of summer all rolled in to 31 days of lovely.  What's not to celebrate?
What are you celebrating today?  It can be small, or big, or just fun.

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