30 September 2014

31 days of stubborn hope

 Y'all, I've mentioned it before, but every time it feels awkward.  I think I am supposed to write.  I write in my head all the livelong day.  When it comes to getting the words out of my head, I find a bazillion other things to do first.  So, I decided to join in the 31 days of writing in October this year.  This is a fantastically huge goal as I have written approximately 4 times in the last month and none of those writings were public.  But, I have prayed about it and decided on a topic that is so very dear to my heart.

When a friend tells me about something hard she is facing, I almost always pray for her to have a stubborn hope.  Its a little phrase that has come to mind in more prayers + circumstances than I can remember.  I am sure the phrase is not my own creation because stubborn hope in itself is not a thing we make.  But surely we can cling to it and grasp it when all else begins to slip away.  I am not talking about wishful thinking or an optimistic outlook.  I am talking about a steady, strong, bend-but-won't-break hope in the One that is maker of all.

So, stubborn hope is my theme.  Some days I might write just a line or two about hope.  Other days, I might write a narrative about a difficult circumstance I have walked through.  Odds are good that there will be song or two posted. 

If your soul is weary, if the circumstances you are sitting in today do not look the way you imagined they would yesterday, if your hands feel weak from holding tightly; then I pray my words here will stir your soul toward Hope.  I know my own weariness has felt heavy as of late so I anticipate my words for you, will also be for me.

I will be adding a link list of all #write31days posts under the tab "stubborn hope" at the top of the blog. 

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  1. I love to read what you write....even if it's just a line or two or a song! You make me want to grab a cup of coffee and curl up because I know when you write.. it's going to be like you are sitting on the couch with me chatting. I cannot wait to spend the month of October with you! I am so excited that you are writing(these are totally selfish reasons). Love you sweet girl!