12 October 2014

when grandpa's hope was stubborn

Thinking about Grandma yesterday, also got me thinking about Grandpa.  He is with her now, but he had to wait two years for his turn to come around.

I remember sitting with him at the funeral home, he just kept repeating, "God has been good to us.  We've had a good life."  He just kept repeating those two statements over and over and over.  I don't know what he must have been feeling knowing she was gone and he was left behind.  I witnessed him stubbornly holding on to hope, repeating what he knew to be True in the face of his saddest days.

Grandpa has always been a softie, he would get "weepy."  He never hid his emotions or tried to put on a tough-guy-facade.  But hearing him repeating those statements about God's goodness while he sat looking over at grandma's lifeless body as a slide show of their memories played in the background was the bravest thing I had ever seen.

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