23 November 2016

A to Z Lettering & Lovelies

When my sister and I were in elementary school we played little league softball.  It was evident early on that she was good at softball and I was terrible.  She could hit and throw and catch.  When I was up to bat I prayed the pitcher would throw balls so I could walk.  I almost always struck out.  One year when we chose what we wanted on the back of our jerseys my sister chose "hot dog"  and I chose "A to Z."  I think that was my favorite thing about softball that summer.  I loved that my name started with an A and ended with the letter Z.  {My maiden name is Rosencrantz.}

Fast forward 30+ years and I was trying to decide what to call my hand-lettering business.  I was out for a run weighing things over with God and He reminded me of that little girl that was a terrible softball player.  I smiled, because I felt a bit of God's delight in that moment.  My eyes got teary as acknowledged that my name still starts with an A and stills ends with a Z.

Honestly. I have never really dreamed of being a small business owner.  I am terrible with details and deadlines and fine print. However, over the last year I have been steadily taking orders for custom hand-lettered items.  The most difficult part of the process for me has been setting prices for my pieces so I thought perhaps this etsy store would help solve that problem for me.  I had been cautioned about selling in the state of Alabama without a business license so I applied for one of those.

I continued to drag my feet though.  I started setting things up on etsy, completing all the steps except for one.  Finally, last month I was a day late in reporting my business income for the prior month {which was $0.00 -- in Alabama you report your income monthly, whether you made any sales or not.}  As I filled out the online form I got sick to my stomach when I realized I had to pay a late fee of $50.00.  It was my fault and I didn't have any excuses other than fear.  I felt a little bit like that little girl up to bat, praying for the pitcher to throw a ball.  But it was a strike and I didn't even try to swing the bat.  I knew then that it was time to let this thing fly.

So its out there now.  I am still terrible with details and deadlines and fine print.  But I am going to trust God to grow me and stretch me.  I love to sit down and write, words that inspire or words that challenge, or words that make me giggle.  I love to create a special piece that will be treasured by the recipient.  I will keep carrying around my sketch pads and my pencil pouch and doodle in waiting rooms. I will ask God to guide me and give myself grace when I make mistakes.  I will be giddy when I make a sale and be so grateful for those of you that delight in my art.

You can check out my shop here.  When I add new items, I will share them on social media.

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