30 October 2006

Wilson's A Game!

he had a tough time this week, but he finally got going!

28 October 2006

Pumpkin Carving Party

Wilson is posing proudly by the pumpkin he helped Daddy carve at the party.
We had to make a new costume for Walker today because we knew the Chili Pepper one was too small and would be uncomfortable for long. So he went to the party as a 'biker dude.'
Straight pipes save lives!

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Wilson's Flag Football Team

Here they are from left to right: Coach Waters, Monty, Riley, Zephaniah, Nathaniel, Jack, Justin, Randy, WILSON, Jonathan.

Brad has some footage of today's game that needs to be reviewed. It may or may not appear on the blog later this week! Posted by Picasa

27 October 2006

26 October 2006

Flat Tire

Well, we were on the way to take Wilson to football practice, and had a little mishap. There are large iron grates for the storm water to drain into that cross a lot of roads at intersections. Well, there was a 6" wrecking bar sticking out, and our right front tire clipped it on the inner sidewall. Needless to say, Wilson didn't make it to football practice tonight.

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25 October 2006

Walker Sleeping on the floor

Amanda was getting ready to take me to work and go to MOPS, and I was getting Wilson dressed. I put Walker on the floor to play with his toys, and came back after I finished dressing Wilson to find him fast asleep.

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24 October 2006

no news is good news?

Or so they say. We were hoping to find out Brad's results from his chest x-ray & CT scan today. But, they scheduled an appointment for NEXT Wednesday. So, we wait. We thought that if they found anything 'serious' they would call us, so we are thinking perhaps all is well. However, this is the doctor that saw evidence of [chronic] bronchitis on both of Brad's prevoius x-rays, so there is no telling what he would consider 'serious.'

I told Brad that maybe he is fine and this is God's way of getting me to pray that my husband will deploy. Because, if he deploys that means he does not have a chronic illness that will continually decrease his quality of life until he dies. Obviously deployment is the better option of the two!

Of course, God's ways are above ours, we look at this with two to three outcomes and God's outcome is usually not one that we see coming. And more often than not, His is quite more exciting than the ones we imagine. So, we wait some more.

On another topic. Brad got to perform some real-life medical treatment while he was in the field last week. And an officer asked if he was deploying with them because he said they really want him to. Another person spoke highly of Brad's medic skills at a luncheon we attended last week, too. So, even though he had some rough spots when he came to this unit, (remember the Geneva Convention), he has already earned some respect and proven himself to be thorough and hard-working. (Of course, all of us knew this already.)

We appreciate your prayers, we are continuing to plan on Brad deploying until we have reason not to...

21 October 2006

Halloween Boo!

Here are some pictures of Wilson getting a "BOO" bag ready and delivering the goodies. If you haven't heard of this before, it is a little neighborly 'game.' You make a sign with a "BOO" and then leave it along with some treats. The neighbor is then supposed to pass on the "BOO" to two more neighbors. By Halloween, everyone should have been "BOO'd". We used to do it at the school I taught at in Lansing.
Anyway, Wilson had a lot of fun getting the bags ready, and he really got a kick out of sneaking up to our neighbors' doors. Although he didn't keep the secret long when our next door neighbors got home shortly after we dropped theirs off. It was fun though!
Here is the "BOO" poem if you are interested in trying it in your neighborhood, or with some friends of yours. You can find other poems by 'googling'...boo neighbor.

To our good friends on our street;
Our homes' location made us meet,
You now have been "BOO'd" but who could it be?
We'll never tell, its a secret you see!
We placed these goodies for you & yours-
*place this "BOO!" on your front door, then "BOO" two neighbors of yours. Remember to include a treat & sign for each! Posted by Picasa

14 October 2006

Wilson on the sidelines

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Walker's Favorite Toy

This is Walker's favorite toy. He gets a smile on his face every time you give it to him.

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10 October 2006

Tiger Mania Comes to Lawton OK!

Wilson and Walker watch game 1 of Detroit vs. Oakland in style! Shirts provided compliments of Aunt Rene' and Uncle Bob. Wilson was quite excited to learn that two players shared his and his brother's name.

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09 October 2006

Wilson's Third Game

We thought you'd like to watch Wilson rush for a first down! It is the very last clip in the video. The music is also currently his favorite song.

06 October 2006

The Life of Walker

The Boys

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Chef Wilson

Wilson making carmel apples with mom!

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02 October 2006

asthma or chronic bronchitis or ???

Just wanted to let you know that Brad was most-likely misdiagnosed with sports-induced asthma. He went in to the clinic this morning for an unrelated symptom but was also having difficulty breathing. He saw a different doctor than the last time and initially they thought maybe Brad was having an anxiety attack.
Keep in mind that over half of the patients these docs see are probably "faking" to get out of something, so they are a bit hesitant to investigate some symptoms. The doc ordered some blood work and a chest X-ray. He also looked at Brad's X-ray from July and found that he had bronchitis in both X-rays. The doctor thought this could mean that Brad may have "chronic bronchitis." That cannot be determined until Brad goes back in November.
Meanwhile, he was given a different type of inhaler and also Advair. He is restricted on PT (physical training), and is hoping that he will be able to work out on his own in the gym during regular PT times. He is restricted to working out away from dust, and in a warm place. (Believe it or not, it has been chilly here in the mornings.) Regular PT begins at 5:30 am and he will be required to go in at that time regardless of what he is doing physically. He may have to sit and watch everyone else, so you can see why he is hoping to be able to go to the gym.
At this point in time, he is still OK to deploy, but that could be changed at his next check-up in November. Before you get too excited about this possibility, let me tell you that chronic bronchitis is not a good diagnosis. You can check it out by going to webmd.com or by googling it. It was a bit more sobering than I expected. But, on the upside, the number one cause is smoking, so there is a good chance that this is another misdiagnosis.
Time will tell, we probably won't know more about this until November, so we will let you know then what we find out. Until then, we are continuing to assume that Brad will be deploying sometime before the end of the year.