30 July 2010

Quick!!! Grab some fun...

... that's how we do it.

The other day Brad suggested going out to play in the sprinkler... next thing you know, two piles of boy clothes adorn the hall...Wilson got hosed by Daddy.
As did Walker.
And Mussy too.
{You can see clearly the patchiness of our lawn in these pics... some lovely spots, some horrible spots... }

In unrelated news (although still fun), I keep finding these little cardstock pieces in my purse - remnants from Katie's shower in Michigan. I actually decided not to take them out because they are really good reminders as I am rushing through my day...
and speaking of love...

Since Brad is at work I thought I would dedicate a love song to him (he hates this song, and might just delete it from the blog when he gets home; but I actually really like it).


  1. OK it looks like Brad had a lot of fun with the hose. But part of me is wondering if this is a form of "waterboarding"! Love to look at the pics, the kids seem to always be having a good time. Love Sandy

  2. Oh seeing those pictures makes me miss you more. We will have to make plans to hang out again soon. I am sure the boys loved hangin' with daddy!!!!!