31 December 2008

more fun times!

recently Walker has been a bit obsessed with putting out fires. He exclaims, "Big fire coming up!" and then grabs his brother's hat and their firetruck flashlight and takes aim...we had another BEAUTIFUL day yesterday. so went to our favorite on-post park. its secluded and private. when we got there we saw an armadillo (not an aardvark) so I was taking pictures of it... then a friendly hunter came up and told us that there were bow hunters all around the perimeter of the playground and that we were "right in the middle of the crosshairs." WHAT? Needless to say, we decided to go to another playground (after I took pics of the armadillo). the boys had fun... all three of them...
look at these cuties!

we tried a group shot... koka kept getting in the middle though, this was the best we could muster

my brother and me =)
koka was in heaven at the playground with us... she kept following everyone around... she even looked longingly down the slide a few times. I'll be honest, I kind of wanted to give her a little push, just to see...

Oh, and we stopped by the Clements' house yesterday and got to see the results of the "Cake-Off" between Curry and Logan. Curry did the golf bag...

and Logan did this fancy triple-layer cake. Don't we have fun friends???
We will be eating one of these beauties tonight at the New Year's Eve bash. Ok, technically it might not be a bash, but I am sure we'll all have fun!
Happy New Year!

28 December 2008

a big day around here...

...well, for us anyway. Momma finished up the "cardboard kitchen." This little project idea was born one day while Rene and I were shopping together on etsy (thanks to the power of the internet and verizon wireless). We saw this template and thought it was cute. Well, then I thought it might be a fun project for Grandpa G and Wilson to do together. You see, Wilson has always liked play kitchens... but you can NEVER find the wooden ones at thrift shops, just those plastic ones that are always pink and girly... so... this seemed like a good alternative. Unfortunately, Grandpa wasn't here, so it was me that got to do the work. Thankfully, some friends had recently purchased VERY LARGE items so we have all the cardboard we could want (and then some)... I made some adjustments to try to make it bigger, which really lead to some mishaps. I am sure it would've been a little more precise if Grandpa had been the carpenter, (because surely Grandma G and I both could've been manning the little man) but the boys were pretty happy with it. Oh, and I gotta thank Mr. Curry for cutting some wire hangers for me! Good thing for friends! Wilson did mention that I am "the best mom ever." **grin** Wilson thinks we should paint it - the template called for contact paper, but I didn't want to buy any. We'll see how long it lasts, Walker really wants to climb inside it...
This evening we got to go pick up Uncle Nate. He was delayed out of Detroit so he missed his connecting flight from Atlanta... so he was stuck there for 6 or so hours, but FINALLY made it tonight. The boys had their signs ready (I think Walker's is a little foreboding with all that red marker...)
And the big moment! You can't even tell he is exhausted! The boys were excited, a little shy, but excited nonetheless!

27 December 2008

a little snippit of info*...

well we didn't have any sinus headaches after all. But we did have a terrific thunderstorm last night - oh, and the weather radio went off twice (I love that!). Walker got up and climbed in our bed, then plugged both his ears. He said the noise, "scared me awake." Wilson on the other hand didn't even know there was a storm.

Uncle Nate's flight was cancelled today, so we are hoping he will be here tomorrow. Poor Wilson, he's not handling the disappointments that well. He deals with Daddy being gone by looking forward to things on the calendar... when those things change, it hits him doubly hard I think. So hoping, hoping, hoping for calm skies tomorrow.

Sorry, I didn't snap one single solitary picture today. Tomorrow for sure.

We watched Kung Fu Panda with our little bagel pizzas (those babies turned out yummy!) tonight. We then taught Big Girl how to be Kung Fu Labradoodle before bed. It was great fun! She is now sleeping in the boys' room... which means no big-dog-snores to ease me off into sleepyland.

*totally depends on your definition of the word info.

26 December 2008

we got one great Christmas gift today...

...beautiful weather! Oh my goodness, the kind of day that feels just like spring. I know we'll have sinus headaches tomorrow, but sometimes its worth it. We spent most of the afternoon outside. I took advantage of the great weather and got started on the cardboard kitchen project. (I'll tell the whole story when the project is finished...) Wilson got to practice his hula-hoop. This is what he asked for from Santa. This combined with the GeoAir means he got both a hula-hoop and a plane that loops-the-loop. You can see he has mad-hula-hoop-skillz. Gets that from his Daddy I bet. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet this week. And with all the extra cardboard I am going to have on hand (a TON), I thought I would try out a little table. Walker quickly converted it into his own personal work station for his little laptop.

And after rearranging the house to fit the new stuff and preparing for Nate's arrival, we still had time for a few games of "fake Wii." Wil is enjoying it, and its easy enough for him to operate. Walker is pretty stubborn about taking direction with it, so when it is his "turn" its as if the game has been paused... maybe Uncle Nate can teach him... =0

a little slide show for my love...

sorry, I still can't figure out that little video from yesterday... hopefully you can watch the slideshow... love you!
(you can turn on the music by clicking on the little speaker)

my favorite picture from Christmas 08

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas Bradley!

Here we are all ready for bed. Hope your pj pants fit you too. I thought about making a video for you, but since your bandwidth is so bad, I didn't want to post something you couldn't see. Wilson thinks Mussy looks like Dracula in her caplet. I might not bother next year... We DO need to get stocking hangers for next year though... (ok, maybe not need, but still...) Oh, and here are a few shots of the boys playing with the gifts Walker opened today. Nice. Wilson with his play-doh kitchen...

and Walker with the Nascar Little People. They both like each other's gifts as much as they like their own. They went back and forth playing with both things this afternoon.

We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas in some quiet time with our Father. I hope you rested well and woke with joy in your heart. And, of course, I hope somehow, your Christmas is just a little Djibouti-licious... because that would just be rad.

Love, YOURS ♥always and forever♥

my best Chirstmas present...

...was given to me when I was in Africa 9 Christmases ago. I hope my husband gets the same gift this year...

I am a terrible person when it comes to "waiting" to open presents. I have gotten a bit better with age, but its still a challenge at times. When I was 23 in Africa, I got so many packages for Christmas. Tons! The other missionaries laughed at how many boxes and gifts I got. And a lot of the packages were full of things to give to the MK's or children in the village. My Grandma Lewis even wrote a poem to accompany the gifts she sent, describing the gifts' significance. That was a whole lot of love.

Of course, I ripped open every single present before Christmas day. Once I started, it was nearly impossible to stop. (I think Walker might have this same trait - he opened three gifts yesterday. OH! And one more while I typed this!). So my Christmas morning was quiet.

Very quiet. I lived in my own little house. There were no presents under the tree. My phone didn't work right so nobody could call me. I didn't have my own computer to check email.

And in the quiet. I pulled out my Bible. And I read the story. Jesus came as a baby to ransom me. To redeem me. All of it was for me. And you. In the quiet of my little missionary home, I celebrated, perhaps for the first time; the Truth of the Christmas story.

And each year since, my celebration has been sweeter. And this year will be no different. For God, the Creator of the Universe, came as a tiny baby. For me. And for you.

My prayer is that we can celebrate this birth wholly. All of us together, even as we are apart. Last night Wilson asked me to pray that "Daddy would have a good Christmas." And when I prayed, I thanked God that we can celebrate the coming of our Savior no matter where we are or who we are with (or without). And even in the telling of the Virgin birth the angel of the Lord tells us, "For nothing will be impossible with God." Luke 1:37.

So I pray that you would experience the impossible this year, and that you can celebrate His journey to rescue you. And me.

Merry Christmas!

21 December 2008


the bandit has been busted - or at the very least - photographed! our PWOC president gave all the board members a little gift for Christmas - I have to be honest and admit I was a little puzzled by it.

...but then I started reading it aloud to Wilson. (Walker comes by for a line here and there.) It is such a tremendous little book. Wilson ALWAYS wants me to read more than one chapter. There are only 7 chapters total. Perfect for the week before Christmas!
I had to email our president and tell her that I love it! Sometimes my face is transparent, and I wanted to make sure she knew that I "get it" now!

20 December 2008

gingerbread house 2008

Our little house sustained some flood damage in the initial construction phase... thanks to hurricane-force Walker dumping a cup of water on the roof... and then perhaps trying to sample a bit of the building materials (that is what I get for trying to IM my husband while the little man is awake...) Thankfully we were able to salvage our little Chalet.
Wilson really gets into his work.

Walker is an hourly worker... I think he is a union member too.
Love his concentration...

Not too bad, considering our #1 Architect wasn't here. I totally understand why it irritates Brad when I yammer while he is trying to get these walls together. (I will be quiet next year, promise). Its hard to see, but Wil wanted a snowman in the front yard... he kind of 'melted.'

I just had to include this picture. I think you can see why...

the end...

Well, except for this last shot of the post-construction vandalism to the front yard... one day we'll catch the culprit...

P.S. Yes, we did spend all day in our jammies. I think it is a perfectly delightful way to spend the Saturday before Christmas. And no, that does not mean we slept in. But still, it was nice.

19 December 2008

hair & socks

Wilson was a hair model the other day before school. He came in and asked me what I thought of it this way, so I told him I had to get a picture. He sure is a handsome little man. I believe a little lady in his class told him that this week... And he wasn't too happy about it either. Good man, Wil, good man! Fight off the girls as long as you can... Daddy made our day with some new socks... We were all giddy (well, Walker wasn't too giddy in this shot...)

We even made up a song about our new socks... I know, I should've turned the video on for that, you know there was a dance too...

I totally underestimated how cute SmartWool socks would be in Walker's size. But, of course, Brad knew. He totally gets my "love language"!

16 December 2008

I almost forgot to tell you...

about our World Vision thing. We have had a lot going on around here the last few days, but I thought you would like to hear about our "Joy Jars" and what we decided to give... Wilson and I sat down Sunday night after dinner and looked at the Gift Catalog. He circled everything he would like to give - ranging from 10 fruit trees to art & music education supplies. His total well exceeded the $131 that we had collected, so I told him we would have to narrow it down. And he looked at me and said, "I really want to give them clean water." Talk about a heart-melter! I think we have definitely begun a new tradition in this family. (Oh, and Brad, you will be happy to know that I did NOT in any way try to convince him to choose to give $35 to the maximum impact fund so I could have the bracelet from Uganda. However, any of you reading that are wondering what you could get me for Christmas...)

Last night was a little crazy. I got the news about Aunt Linda via voicemail. So I had to make some phone calls. And its one of those events that naturally makes you want to speak to everyone you know & love... I was on the phone a good part of the evening. I don't think any of us ate a full serving of our chicken noodle soup. Wilson laid on the couch - very upset - most of the night. He is also fighting this cold, and isn't feeling well. Walker on the other hand - found my lip gloss again...
honestly, I do NOT wear make-up like this. I have no idea what makes him think this is how to apply it.... At least it brings a smile to my face!

your prayers

Please pray today for Brad's family.

Brad's Aunt Linda passed away yesterday at the age of 46. She has been battling lung cancer for about 18 months, but her passing yesterday was a shock.

Brad's dad has been able to be with Uncle David, and will spend this afternoon with him as they make funeral arrangements.

Brad's grandparents were on their way here for Christmas when they found out. They had made it as far as Oklahoma yesterday and then turned around. Please pray that they would have a safe return to Michigan.

Uncle David and Aunt Linda have 5 children. Please pray for Andy, Josh, Rachel, Lisa and Aaron as they begin the process of mourning the loss of their mother. Brad is hurting for his cousins and his Uncle. He is feeling the distance today, and I know he would appreciate your prayers for his family as well as for himself.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity for me as I consider what changes we might be making in regard to our plans for Christmas.

We do rejoice that Aunt Linda is in heaven today, breathing deeply of the essence of heaven.

14 December 2008

good times

I kind of forgot that I had an ornament-exchange party to go to this weekend, and I really didn't want to spend any $$ on the ornament (since all my spendable cash was already spent). So I was tickled when I found this downloadable pattern for this bird ornament. Seriously, quick, easy, and a bit on the cute side. I gave away the fuzzy-blue -bird at the party. Then last night we went to the Nativity Trail. This is our third year, and it gets better each time. Even the weather improves! Although in this picture, you would think it was snowing - not sure what happened there... Walker whispered to me "camel, eating, man" You know how those camel's mouths never stop moving... He didn't seemed alarmed, just interested.
And, of course, the best part is baby Jesus...
We went with Barbie and Logan. It was such fun. One of the highlights of the Christmas season here!

Walker's creepy cold is making its way through the family. Of course, I think maybe the 40 degree drop in temperature over a span of a few hours might have something to do with all the sinus pressure too... (and no, still no snow)

12 December 2008

nothing ruins the Christmas spirit faster than...

...Amy Grant. ewww. especially "I Need a Silent Night." gag.

I'm just sayin.

Are there any Christmas songs out there that do this to you, too?

11 December 2008

puffy eyes, friends, and a special drive...

so, this is what walker looks like when he has an allergic reaction to guifenesen. (at wal-mart, trolling around waiting for our scripts... he has a cold.) my friend Amy sent some goodies for me along with her "Dear Army Family" cards. She is so crafty... oh she also sent a tissue cozy - but its already in my purse. Pocket tissue is my daily accessory. Oh, and I won a contest on her blog but the ornament is already on the tree. And she loaded the box with some dumdum suckers too. So we were all pretty happy! The card says, "You know you're getting old when Santa starts looking younger." HeeHeeHee. The inside had all kinds of nice words and encouragement in it...

and check out the flip-side of the necklace... "brave." got me all teary-eyed when I saw that. one of my favorite songs is "Brave" by Nichole Nordeman (you can listen to it here.)Talk about a cheap thrill... Hot Cocoa, disposable travel mugs, and a good Christmas CD. (this is the one our church sold this year, we LOVE it.)
...and off we go to see Christmas lights. Big girl included.