26 May 2007

Meet Muskoka on the Rocks

here is our new labradoodle puppy. We got her from Lake Country Labradoodles.

We'll post more pictures. These are just some snapshots from tonight.
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21 May 2007

Flight Medic

Hey, just want to put this out to everyone. I just found out the Army is in need of Flight Medics. They are even letting medics out of my brigade to go to the school (which is a huge deal). So I am in the process of putting a flight medic packet together. I need to pass a flight physical, take a PT Test, and mail every thing off. Please pray that if this is what God want he will open the door. They have classes that are still empty for this year, and if I can get this all done I should be able to get a class date in the next two - three months.

I really want to be on a helicopter in the worst way. Since I was a little kid I've always wanted to fly; however, since I am color blind I can't be a pilot, and this would at least get me in the air.

In the words of Queen....

And another one bites the dust!!!! We paid off our last credit card today. In a couple of weeks we'll be able to call and close the account all together. This is the best feeling in the world. Now we can focus all our attention on that pesky student loan!

15 May 2007

and to think, we fed him...

I can only imagine how messy he will be when we give him his own cake on his birthday next month. Maybe we will celebrate outside and with a white cake, rather than chocolate!! You can tell he enjoyed it though! Yummy to his tummy.

Wilson did a better job staying clean... Walker's tray is clean too, we put the cake in his mouth and somehow he got it all over his face!
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13 May 2007

happy mother's day!

What a treasure it is to be a mommy!

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09 May 2007

tornado warning

So we got to try out the storm shelter last night. Wilson was thrilled, he said to me earlier in the evening, "I hope we have a tornado!" And, "I can't wait until we have a tornado." I am not sure where the excitement has come from because he has seen some pics of tornado damage on the news. Anyway, shortly after dinner, the sirens went off and Brad and I decided it was time to move some of the boxes of books out of our safe room. Once inside, Wilson did not care to go look out the window with Brad to see if a tornado was coming or not.

There were no touchdowns anywhere close to us, and the storm last night didn't seem nearly as bad as the one on Sunday night. We have severe weather in the forecast through Friday. And, it is a bit more frightening here in tornado alley compared to Michigan. Fortunately, Wilson is intrigued by it and Walker bounces with the lightening strikes!

08 May 2007

Brad has allergies

Ok, that is an understatement. Brad went back to the doc yesterday and got the results of his allergy tests. The normal range of antibodies in the blood is between 0-500 and Brad was over 20,000 for a number of allergens. He will be going to an allergist, he is just waiting for the appointment to be set up. The doc said he will probably be getting allergy shots to help with some of these allergens. All of the allergens he was tested for are local.

more yaya pics

When thinking about where we live from Michigan, somewhere over the rainbow pretty much explains it. Wilson and I love looking for the rainbows after the rain showers here. Luckily, mom was able to get a few pics of this one. By the way, we have had bad thunderstorms (with more on the way tonight), but thankfully no tornado threats.

Wilson had a blast in the sprinkler with Papau. He slept well that night too!
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06 May 2007

Snapshots by Yaya

Walker and Wilson had fun playing outside with Yaya and Papau this week. Yaya snapped some good pics, I am sure I will put some more up in the next couple days.

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We had a ball...

Here are a couple of pictures of Brad and I before his ball on Friday night. We had a pretty fun time.

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