26 February 2008

extreme makeover: muskoka edition

before the groomer...
...and after...

Yes, its an adjustment for all of us. Poor pup! For those of you that don't know, we found out a few weeks ago that Muskoka was "blowing her puppy coat." Which was causing some matting close to her skin. So she had to get a haircut today. The neighbor dogs don't recognize her and keep barking at her... We are hoping Walker doesn't try any "love bites" tonight as she no longer has all of her fluff to protect her. We also found out that we had done a poor job of keeping her ears correctly; the groomer said that part took the longest. So we feel pretty guilty and are giving her lots of special treatment tonight. I am afraid I may have to sew her a coat to keep warm!
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25 February 2008

W's Go to the Zoo P4

We got some ice cream at Sonic (Wilson said it was the best ever). I am sure glad we went to Sonic because I saved daddy 180% over Marble Slab. I just wanted plain ice cream, and who wants to mix crazy things into perectly good ice cream? (I guess mommy did).
We thought about getting a drink or two at Toby Keith's after Sonic, but we were just too tired from our adventures.

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W's go to the Zoo P3

Daddy convinced me that if were in Bricktown that we should eat somewhere different. What should I eat @ the Spaghetti Warehouse Italian Grill? I think I'll have chicken, but I guess this is better than IHOP. I am glad we waited and no one came to seat us there, or else we couldn't have seen this cool trolley.

I decided chicken was gross, and so was daddy's spaghetti and mozzarella sticks. I'll just stick to eating daddy's ice cream and Browne.

It sure was fun eating in the trolley.

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W's Go to the Zoo P2

Look at the Giant Elephants Mom!
Does my neck look as long as his?

Set them free!

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W's Go to the Zoo P1

Wilson & Walker decided to take Mommy & Daddy to the zoo in Oklahoma City

Look at the Giant Andean Condor (witch 3 seconds later go into a fight with another one, and we all jumped about 3 feet)

Walker with Mommy and Daddy (Wilson wouldn't get out of the wagon).

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24 February 2008

Wilson & Daddy's Fishin' Trip

Brad and Wilson headed out yesterday afternoon for their BIG Fishin' Trip

(I don't know why, but it just seems like it should be fishin', not fishing).

Here are a few pics... ...casting...
...waiting for a bite...
...what the? The only catch was a bunch of leaves...
...but it was fun...
Good times with Daddy!

a little video of the casting action!

Brad and Wilson may try to get out to the creek again after naptime today. Their trip was cut short yesterday by some sprinkles.

round two

Walker vs. Ravioli I'm pretty sure the ravioli won...AGAIN!
(I forgot about round one until lunch today, when round two started!)
And here are just a couple pictures of the boys eating strawberries...
...they have VERY different techniques!
Don't strawberries just make you think about summer? Yum!

21 February 2008

walker's song

Walker has begun singing along, more and more. We thought his version of "unshakeable, unchangeable, unstoppable" was so adorable that we should share it with you... Its a pretty short clip, but you get the idea! (Sorry, I do still sing off-key!)


Here is a picture of Walker that mom took, I never got around to posting it while she was here... And this little pic is a pre-walk shot. I am mostly posting it to boost Rene's spirits as she is in the midst of getting ready to move next week ...lots of details, little time, you know. You see, on the second half of this walk we were accompanied by a stray pit bull. Yeah, all the way home. Good times, folks, wish someone would've been videotaping that one... Of course, big, fluffy handled it like a champ...
And here is a little video of the boys dancing to "Trading My Sorrows/Yes Lord."

  • Today Wilson displayed his super-human strength at the immunization clinic. Now he is already for school in the fall! Thank you, Brad, for taking care of that detail! (He has bruises from wiggling, and Brad said he kept yelling "I want it in the finger"...he had a finger-prick blood draw last week.)
  • Walker had hives for the 2nd day so we discontinued his amoxicillian prescription, we'll see what the Doc tells us tomorrow.
  • Did I mention that both boys got to pee in a cup last week? Boy was that a fun time!
  • And, thankfully, I get to go to the doc tomorrow to find out what is up with all these headaches...hopefully the blood tests show something simple.

And a HUGE PRAISE. We have told most of you about Brad's Great Aunt Hilda (grandma G's youngest sister)...she went into a coma about 11 days ago. They weren't exactly sure why, and the diagnosis wasn't good. They even discussed organ donation; her living will stated that she didn't want to stay on life support. But, she has started responding to the doctors and it looks as though she is improving...even breathing on her own yesterday, winking, and moving toes and fingers. Please continue to keep the Aho family in your prayers as they stand witness to this miracle; waiting in faith for a complete recovery.

20 February 2008

gettin' back to 'normal'...

Walker is becoming a little tv junkie...he even gets angry when the cartoons are over...or worse, when a commercial comes on during his cartoons! They have been enjoying playing with Wilson's GeoTrax which were resurrected last week. They had been in the garage since we moved, so now its like they are brand-new all over again! Woo-Hoo.. or should I say "Choo-Choo!!"
Wilson has been wanting to go fishing for some time now, actually, it probably goes back all the way to when he went with Uncle Dan back in Michigan. Well, Daddy has been working on some casting techniques in the yard. The big trip is supposed to be tomorrow, but it might have to wait until the weather warms up... The forecast is a bit nasty for tonight/tomorrow...
I love watching Daddy teaching the boys something...or just playing with them.
Wil picked out his pole himself, of course, its Cars. We were going to buy it for him, but he insisted on using his own money. I wish I had videotaped him getting it from the shelf (I had to tell him that they might not have a Cars fishing pole before we went, you know, just in case; but when we got there and he saw it...wow!)
After all our family visits over the last month, our house seems a little big and empty this week. We are surviving though =) It was such a blessing for all of us to see so many loved ones! Brad is on leave and we are taking care of this, that, and the other. Oh, and just to spice things up, I cut Muskoka on Tuesday. You read it right. I cut her ear. Poor thing. Now both of the big people in her life have cut her. Thankfully she didn't need stitches this time around! (In defense of my stupidity, I was trying to get some of the mats out of her fur. She has an appointment with a real groomer next Tuesday...)
Ok, one more thing. I swear I entered the Twilight Zone at K-Mart tonight...just needed to get Walker some socks. He's been wearing some of the same ones for a year... Do you think I could find socks at K-Mart?? I thought maybe when they hit their financial troubles they couldn't find a supplier anymore... But then I ran into the "Hosiery" section. Yeah, that's where you find little boys' socks at K-Mart...is it just me or is that a little weird???

16 February 2008

Yaya's birthday

Wilson was very proud of the cake he helped make for Yaya. He helped Aunt Rene with the baking and me with the decorating. Walker trying to reach over for a sample...
This shot captures the boys' reaction to our singing of "Happy Birthday." Let's just say none of us will be on American Idol any time soon...
Blowing out the candles!

Hopefully Yaya enjoyed her Oklahoma birthday celebration. My friend, Shannon, let us borrow her mini van so we could all ride to lunch, (which was a treat from Mom's coworker, JoDee.) So, thanks to the two of them, we went to Red Lobster... Yum! Then we watched Snowbuddies and had Buffalo Chicken Dip for dinner, followed by the beautiful triple chocolate cake. Overall, I think it turned out to be a good day for her.


Muskoka 'pushing' Wilson on the swing set... so handsome
chillin' in the sand box/hot tub
awww...brotherly love
three giggling boys and their Yaya
showing off their Levi's

It was a beautiful Valentine's day. I think the high was around 78! Wow! It was nice for the boys to get out and play in their matching "future heartbreakers" t-shirts from Yaya.

10 February 2008


three (future) men in a tub! stylin'
drying off...
comparing piggies! (aren't piggies irresistable??)
And some random shots from the day
still working on a group picture!
Wilson, Walker and Yaya "painting"
although Walker liked just using water on his brush
Uncle Brad tickling Jack's tummy...