23 May 2008

future businessmen

two days into the sale and the total is up to $18.75. (Of course, $7 was spent on Little People at another garage sale in the neighborhood nearby). Tomorrow is the finale, Lindsay's husband, Marvin, taught Wilson to wink while selling it, so we'll see if the tips go up tomorrow ***wink***
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21 May 2008

havin' fun in (somewhat) chilly Michigan

I honestly cannot remember what day these pictures were taken, I think Monday. This week has been a full one! Which it should be since our time here is limited... The boys did some bike riding Monday, Walker on his garage sale find--that Wilson insisted on buying for him with his own money! Wilson relishing his last few days with training wheels. Uncle Brett and Uncle Blake will be giving him some lessons here soon, hopefully the weather will warm up a bit!
Look at these two studs getting ready to cheer Uncle Nate on at his last track meet...
And here is the official cheering section... Including Aunt Rene and baby Jack.
Granny's garage sale starts tomorrow and it has been a lot of work getting ready for it. Wilson and Skoka had to take a nap today... Unfortunately I woke her up when I took this pic and then, she woke up Wilson. But after a few days without a nap, even a short one worked wonders for Willy today!

Wilson is starting his 'very first business' tomorrow. I am not sure where he came up with it, but he decided a while back that he wanted to have a lemonade stand at Grandma's garage sale. So he made some cookies and signs and, of course, lemonade. Hopefully it will be warm enough that people will want to drink lemonade tomorrow!

18 May 2008

Dan and Elizabeth tie the knot!

It was a beautiful spring day for a beautiful wedding. Sandy (Meme) graciously watched Walker during the ceremony so he wouldn't have to be restrained. Here is a pic of Wil and Uncle Cole before things got started...Walker and Brennan at the reception
Great Grandma wanted a pic with the boys, but Walker had just woke up so I had to be in the shot too...
Here is a family pic of everyone but Brad...
...and a crazier version of the same!
It was a wonderfully, beautiful day! And I only cried a few times, and no blubbering at all. God is good, all the time!

catching up with family, whirlwind style...

Wilson hanging with Great Grandpa Rose. This is the Grandpa that we are currently staying with. Walker snuggling with a puppy @ Grandpa and Grandma Lutz's house, he's in love!
Uncle Nate before his 4x800 relay...he looks super nervous, huh?
Wilson and Unlce Colson have been playing together every second they get...its so cute to watch them.
Walker is picking up habits from his Aunt Victoria, while at the same time trying to tattle on her for sitting in the booster chair! (And yes, he is still working on "soft touches" and not biting, ouch!)

the long and winding road...

The trip was a bit tiring, but overall, it went well. Mussy was co-pilot for awhile. She's such a backseat driver anyway!
This is Walker's method of getting good rest on the road.

The third day allowed for a quick visit with Aunt Rene and Jack (and Uncle Bob at lunch). It was nice to see their new house and town briefly...and check out Jack's super sweet ride.

08 May 2008

the VTC rocked...

and by VTC, I mean video teleconference. It wasn't perfect, but the boys loved it...I think Walker said, "HI," "DADA," or a combination of both at least 273 times during our 7 minutes. It was good, and I really do think both of the boys enjoyed their face time with Daddy. While actual face time would truly be magnificent, who can complain? We got "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Daddy today!!! Woo hoo!

and my Mom will be here tomorrow!

07 May 2008

32 years and counting...

We had some rain last night. I think Muskoka was worried that since it was my birthday and Mr. Brad was gone, that perhaps I would sit around and mope all day. And because she is an intuitive puppy, she decided to prance around in the mud while I was in the shower. I happened to catch her mid-prance and made her come in. I didn't have time to clean her up, though, because I was meeting some girlfriends (and kids) for lunch. So she got locked in the bathroom...poor, muddy, Muskoka!
There were actually more kids than girlfriends at my birthday lunch. And you know what, it was still fun. These girls, they have good kids. (Mine included - nobody was bit at lunch)
And, I don't think our waitress ever got annoyed with us. And you know how annoying a bunch of girls gabbing can be...then add 6 kids, five and under. Then, the girls sent me to get a massage after lunch! AWESOME! If you ever want to bless someone with a deployed spouse, this is the way to do it! It was so wonderful. So, so wonderful. (and technically, I think one of the best parts was that Brad knew beforehand, so he knew I would be having a good birthday even though he is faraway!)
After my massage, I had to get to work on the dirty girl...she cleans up well. Oh, did I mention that she and I spent some time in the storm shelter before her bath/shower/bath/sudsy/rinse session? Yep, the tornado sirens went off. And the boys were at Barbie's house. Thankfully, there was nothing more than a thunderstorm and some hail. And a ton of rain. The day ended with dinner at the Clements house and some very nice presents. And chocolate cake of course.

I did tell Brad that I am pretending that tomorrow is my real birthday because we have a Video TeleConference (VTC) scheduled. So we should get to see him on a big screen and he us, and get to chat for a bit. I cannot wait to see how Walker responds! That will be the topper for this pretty wonderful birthday.

06 May 2008

seriously, Lance, watch out

After the weekend festivites, Wilson wanted to re-create the bike course on our driveway with sidewalk chalk. Gotta love the socks, he said, "I look like I am ready to go play soccer!" Gavin got a Coaster Car for his birthday while he and his mom, Nicole, were in Texas. The boys had such fun cruising around the driveway. Gavin's daddy, Aaron, is home from Iraq for R&R. I spoke with Nicole briefly and she said they are having a great time (of course). She did say Gavin won't let her do anything for him--like buckle him into the carseat--he says, "No, momma, Daddy do it!" If you think of it, pray that they have a wonderful visit together. I told Nicole I wouldn't call her for a few days--but I will have to briefly say "bye" before heading north!
Here are a couple shots of Wilson helping make soap for his teachers. Today was his last day (because he will be missing the last two weeks of school.)
Here is the finished product.

He has really enjoyed his TALK class, and his teachers are wonderful! I am praying that he will have as a good a time in Kindergarten. But, before that, we have a big trip to Michigan and a fun-filled summer... Even though in many ways, with Brad gone time seems to go s-l-o-w-l-y, yet in other ways, because we have kids, (and they are constantly growing and changing) the time still goes fast...you know? Kind of a weird contradiction, that I am not sure I can accurately explain...

"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends; With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." 2 Peter 3:8

03 May 2008

watch out Lance Armstrong...

Wilson's gonna be breaking your records some day...or at least really enjoy riding his bike around! Today there was a bike festival at a local museum. We originally went because they advertised free hot air balloon rides...but shock of all shocks--it was too windy today (It would actually be shocking if it wasn't windy here). So after some disappointment, and a free helmet, we decided to come back later with Wilson's bike. I am SO GLAD we did, because he had a blast! And Walker really had fun watching all the kids on their bikes. Here is Wilson in line for his first time trial. And here he is about the fifth time. He really liked doing this, and probably would've just done it over and over and over if I hadn't talked him into trying something else.
Walker trying out a skuut. He seems to have the same intensity in his eyes as when he was on the horse last weekend!
Wilson took a bike-riding test. Here is the serpentine! Wow, he was thrilled to do this section because he loves the word serpentine (from the movie Cars...and Nascar Races, and when Daddy drives like Lightening McQueen).
Here is the short radius turning section. I think there were five sections altogether. At the end they took his picture and they will be mailing him a license! He did pretty well, except on the figure 8 he went WAY off course, because there was a drainage grate. I don't blame him because I hate that part of the Mackinac Bridge to this day...I probably wouldn't intentionally ride my bike on a grate, (if I had a bike and I rode it.)
These pics are specifically for you, Brad. Wilson didn't exactly get it, but he thought it was kind of cool. For those of you back home, the big hole under the sign is a Prairie Dog hole. They are ALL OVER this park.
Ready, Set...
...toss that Huffy!
And well, just to put a smile on your face. And notice he has an ink pen, with the point out - of course! But also notice, he has started wearing his reminderband instead of just playing with it!

We also hit some garage sales today as it was the post-wide sale today. Books, games and some -can you guess- Little People. We had a beautiful day, and while we first thought the Bike Festival was a disappointment it turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful time, with lots of reminders of Daddy everywhere!
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

01 May 2008

may day, may day

So this week at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), was my care group's week to bring a snack. I got this loaf of "friendship bread" out of the freezer this morning, and Walker came strolling down the hall with a hunk of it in his hand... Thankfully it was salvageable! I don't know who gets a bigger kick out of Muskoka getting our weekly paper; her, Wilson, or myself! It almost makes me want to subscribe to the local paper again!
Today was the National Day of Prayer. PWOC organized a prayer walk following our regular meeting, complete with snacks and balloons. There were 7 areas to pray for our country, I talked through each thing with Wilson...government, military, media, business, education, church and family. I thought he was getting it, but when I said, "Who do we know in the military?" He said, "I don't know." I reminded him about Daddy being in the Army and that the Army is part of the military.
We did pray some and then the boys ran ahead of me for a bit...
I thought this was way too cute! (it didn't last too long though!)

We had a nice time, and its a reminder of what a wonderful country we live in and of the freedom that we often take for granted.
On our way to the walk, I told Wilson it was for praying and he said, "With our eyes closed????" I told him that it is ok to pray with your eyes open!