09 April 2008

'round here this week

Look at these two snugglebugs on the couch...awww.
Today at Storytime the boys made "binoculars." (Walker's are MIA, I thought about putting the house on lockdown until they were located, but it was almost bathtime...)
Wilson told me later "I never knew you could make binoculars out of 'these'". Dirty Dog...and a newly expanded Little People Land in the background
(Don't worry those of you that know about Muskoka's recent bout of feces-eating. These pics are a result of a day of rain, and a small stream advisory in our backyard. The powder I put on her food really did make her poop taste like crap, I guess, because she is no longer snacking on it. Sorry, Dad, I know you hate the "C" word.)

When I edit my pictures in Picasa, there is a feature called "I'm Feeling Lucky" that fixes all the color at once, and seriously, I don't believe in luck, but when I am editing pics of my wonderful family, I cannot help but get a dorky grin whenever I click on "I'm Feeling Lucky" --because seriously, as I look at these little faces I just cannot help but think I really am "feeling lucky"

Do you think if I write to Picasa they would consider changing that feature to "I'm Feeling Blessed"???


  1. Since I have written to them about a few things, go ahead and see what they might do with it...they may just add a button "I'm feeling Blessed" after all most the people who are working on their pics would have to feel that way...I know I do!

  2. Hopefully poor Muskoka didn't have to experience the lightning again....last time that happened I think she held it all in for a week!

  3. oh those pics of your boys..they are so cute! :)

  4. I'll see if Charlie Battery wants a couple sets to replace our missing Vipers. Love ya...

  5. Wilson, can you see me through your binoculars?? Love Meme

  6. Very cute pictures! It is amazing how a simple set of moon floss tubes can become binoculars. A little transformation and some wax paper and they will have a kazoo!

    TP tubes...the gift that keeps on giving! They are truly underrated! :)

    Hope you are doing well! Have a blessed day!

  7. I love your comments. You should write a book. Or maybe be a comedian. Not enough of those are Christian! I just keep chuckling about you putting powder (???) in her food so she won't eat her poo. Poor dog. You guys always have such great adventures! Can't wait for our play date!