17 April 2008

how we roll...

Here is a quick shot of the boys jammin' to Alvin and Chipmunks. We switched our Pizza Picnic and a Movie to tonight instead of Saturday...

Can you see the two marks on Walker's chest? a bit off center from his sternum?

Would you believe they are from Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing? It wasn't a stroke of genius that led to him eating dinner shirtless...he had been playing in the bathroom sink and his shirt was soaked. We had carrot sticks with ranch dressing (with our pizza), which Walker quickly dripped on himself. After dinner, when I wiped him up, there were two welts exactly where the ranch had been. (Reminded me of the time he ate that guacamole, Brad.) I can't help but wonder what this does to his insides if this is what his outsides look like! Makes me wonder a little about some sort of food allergy, but I'm not sure if having an external reaction would indicate a food allergy or not.... Here I come WebMD...


  1. Did you or Brad teach Wilson those moves? Cameron got his moves from JC, for sure!!! :-) I keep meaning to post on my blog but man, life sure gets busy, doesn't it?! Can't wait to hang out with you guys!

  2. Wilson dances just like Brad! Boy, I'm glad I didn't purchase that tape for my movie collection. A little of that goes a long way.... But of course it is geared for a younger crowd. Wilson gets right into it. Meme

  3. Love it, and I'm pretty sure he could have an food allergy, but it might not effect the inside, he probably has that really sensitive skin problem...he is your fair one!

  4. GREAT dance moves! I especially loved the faces Big Willie was making towards the end...hilarious!

    Who knew Hidden Valley Ranch dressing was so dangerous?? LOL I'm in agreement about the sensitive skin issue. If Walker had a food allergy, he would probably get hives (or at least a rash) ALL over, or even experience swelling of his tongue and throat.