stubborn hope

I decided to join in on #write31days this October.  My theme is "stubborn hope."  I will add links to all of my posts as I publish them. 

day 1: 31 days of stubborn hope
day 2: where stubborn hope takes root
day 3: parenting with stubborn hope 
day 4: when hope feels silly 
day 5: an anthem for hope
day 6: when things don't turn out the way you planned
day 7: when things we imagined don't come true
day 8: when progress is slow
day 9:
day 10: when you feel small
day 11: when hope is a seed someone plants
day 12: when grandpa's hope was stubborn
day 13: a hope proverb
day 14: crumbly marriages + stubborn hope 
day 15: when we feel far off
day 16: when the ground is dry + dusty
day 17: light in the dark
day 18: silver stars will shine
day19: when it's all good
day 20: Ragamuffin + stubborn hope
day 21: even in the lack 
day 22: even when I'm judge-y
day 23:
day 24:
day 25: wasteland
day 26: a baby girl + stubborn hope
day 27: when your yes threatens to overwhelm you
day 28: when it almost feels impossible
day 29: for the children that need us to be brave 
day 30: crave

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